18 August 2008

Freaking Out Angus & Robertson Employees

i have this thing - it's kinda my thing - i go into the local angus & robertson (book shop) and freak the women at the counter with my choice of item (well i freak everyone except di, but di is awesome!!) today i went in, wandered around and grabbed some stuff off the shelf and then headed to the counter. the women (who doesn't usually work at the front counter) looked at me so weird... here's what i had:
  • Manga called Nana
  • Cleo Magazine (womens mag)
  • Kerrang! (rock music mag)
  • the 2009 tafewa course guide
  • a kimmidoll keyring (ami)
  • serenity comic book
i'm such a geek! the women seriously must of thought i was weird, the look i got was priceless.

I also went to BOQ (my bank) and asked them to get me a new card, because i don't have a clue were mines gone!

OMG some bitch was serious an inch from scratching my car today, i just looked at her and gave her evils as she turned into the car park, missing my car by an inch, if she had... omg i would of gone postal!!! totally postal!

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, and at this point in time I feel like I want to go into Interior decoration and design. I used polyvore to quickly make up an interior decoration set, and this is what I did:

it's kinda old worldy (wallpaper) but also oriental and modern at the same time! I quite like it, I wouldn't mind having this as my living room!

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