28 August 2008

grr bank, yay sims

about to throw my stupid, good for nothing computer out the window! all i want to do is log into my internet banking and check my balances but it won't even let me do that! it's taking for ever! and then it show the screen for 2 seconds and then goes blank again!! apparently i have 1220 balance, but only 500 funds available, which does not make any sense because i've only deposited one cheque, and they shouldn't approve half the funds and not the others!! AHHHHH! okay so know all my internet is being sad!

okay well i know why i have 500 and not 1220, because i'm such a good customer, my bank automatically approved 500 and the rest will be there when the cheque is approved, so now that that is sorted!

anyway, being playing the sims 2 apartment life... omg awesome! i turned my sim into a witch, and she has a cat familiar and can do some really cool spells!! other than that, thats pretty much all i did today! I'm feeling slightly like a bum!!! =(

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