02 August 2008

My Online Life

This is what I do (in order) when I turn my computer on at the beginning of the day...

  • turn on iTunes and press play on my faves playlist (which plays all day, even if I'm not on my computer)
  • log into MSN, see who else is online and set it the away or appear offline
  • check POLYVORE for any comments or faves
  • check my gmail emails, delete spam & random mail/newsletters
  • log onto my blog and look for new posts on my friends blogs and check for comments
  • log onto facebook
  • by this time I've started to blog (most of them don't get published)
  • check my friends page on LiveJournal and read any posts that look good
  • log onto Myspace (if I can be bothered)
  • Then when all that is done I usually spend most of my time on POLYVORE

how sad is that??? Pretty Sad?? and considering none of my friends are blogging, or leaving comments on my blog... and most of my posts in the last couple weeks have been about Stanley, and I think people are probably seriously getting sick of me going on about it!!

Anyway I'm off to work in 48 minutes =D i'm working from 1pm-8pm...

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