17 August 2008


havn't really geeked stanley out yet. except for the heartagram decals on the back windows, I'm not really sure about putting stuff on the dash board (fine it's huge) but it's kinda has lots of tiny indents in it and if bluetrack gets in them (which it already has) it's a bitch to get off again. So on friday it was stanleys 1 week "birthday" and well he needs a bath, I might wash him this afternoon!
Dad and I went out to Nullaki yesterday (which is out near denmark) to visit dad's american friends. they're pretty awesome. they live in this awesome house with and awesome view, and they have peacocks... OMG they're so beautiful I love peacocks. The people are from San Francisco, and they have really american accents which I love. it was so cool listening to them tell stories about when they were at College, and how dirty LA is... haha
anyway time for lunch!
might blog later!

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