31 August 2008

shopping, sites & sims

i did some more shopping yesterday, i'm afraid to look at my bank account! because i know there is going to be no money in there at all =(

i bought 3 geek tees (starwars, transformers & marvel heros), a denim vest, and a very floral floaty (slightly hippie) top to wear under the vest. (yes i know i'm turning into a hippie (^0^)) as well as the huge amount of clothing on it's way from america! 3 pairs of pants, a belt, and numerous tops & tees, and obviously, my awesome geek hoodie!

in other news... sims 2 apartment life is awesome!!! i love apartment life, and i've finally figure out the cheat to make my own apartments... I haven't tried yet, because i've been too busy playing with the sims! YAY! (^_^)... also we made fairy cakes (just thought i'd mention that)

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