03 August 2008

Weekly News Update

kaitlin is in bali, they bought me DVDs YAY! i talked to her last night a MSN.
they also "apparently" got a photo with david bowie... but i'm not going to believe them to i see the photo... i'm thinking that "david bowie" is either a random indonesian, a cardboard cut out of david bowie, or a monkey =D

stanley is coming... (i know i say this all the time) i say it to reassure myself that it's actually happening, because as far as I know, it might continue being "just another few days" and I may never get him. I just can't wait!

watched Wanted and You Don;t Mess With The Zohan last night. Wanted was freaking awesome... Zohan, not so much... I also have L (the live action death note spin off) and Hancock to watch... L is in japanese, and Hancock is pretty crappy quality. I can't wait til kt gets back from bali with dvds for me =D

Other than that... well really thats about it!!! I entered a Polyvore contest, and the results are released today... I'm hoping that I win, but I don;t know! HA! anyway

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