30 September 2008

Definatly Going To Soundwave Next Year

  • BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE (the only ones worth seeing!!)
  • COG
  • TZU

hmmm... fun fun fun (not!)

Artist Of The Week: SpaceCoyote

This art that Space Coyote did got the attension of Matt Groening and Space Coyote was offered a job working on new Simpson Comics (read more)

As well as fanart, Space Coyote also does Tattoo designs and comics.

DeviantArt Page
Official Website


i'm watching criminal minds. I love reid! :) i'm such a sucker for geeks and nerds :) i'm really hoping that my parts for my computer show up tomorrow, i'm so excited and can't wait to play spore. I've got so many ideas :) i'm going to start taking photos again. I have been looking at photos on deviantart and there are so many beautiful photos. Anyhoo back to criminal minds :)

29 September 2008


What is with americans remaking tv series?

red dwarf
the it crowd
the office
Life on mars

why can't they just watch the originals. stupid ignorant americans! AHHHHH!

This Weeks Wallpaper

I missed my first mario inspired wallpaper (here) so I found another one. This may be the last time I show the wallpaper on this computer. I hoping this time next week I'll be using my new computer. (SupaYay!)


28 September 2008

Gimme Spore

I am currently watching (on YouTube) footage of Robin Williams using the Spore Creature Creator at a conference a couple of years ago, and OMG it's so funny! Robin Williams is one of the funniest guys around! This video just makes me realise how much I want to play SPORE. I seriously don't know why I do this to myself. I know I have Spore, and a computer (coming) I could just wait patiently, but NO! I'm buying the Spore Guide and reading it (i finished it for the 6th time last night) and now I'm watching videos about it on YouTube! Why? do I do this to myself!?! =D (I'm still having fun)

Robin Williams Plays Spore

This video is so funny (and slightly rude, but thats Robin Williams for you)

Tomorrow is a public holiday (it's the Queens Birthday, but only for Western Australia, I think the Queens actual birthday is in June... just wait until we get a new monarch... all new public holidays, but I bet WA will leave it at this time, because it's when the Perth Royal Show is on, and the AFL Grand Final (puke!) and us Aussie love our sport, maybe even more than we like drinking... but our fave pastimes are sports with drinking together!!!)

Anyhoo. Should have my new computer on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I know what it's like, so I'm not getting my hopes up!

27 September 2008

Star Trek Movie

Okay so it's been postponed again! But thats okay considering Matt Damon is NOT playing Captain Kirk. A little birdy and I had an arguement because he was so completely positive that Matt Damon was Kirk. But the little birdy was WRONG! Chris Pine (Just My Luck) is playing Captain Kirk, he's even got his very own teaser poster...

... and I think it looks HOT!!!

Okay so I'm super excited about this movie, for more than one reason!
1) it's Star Trek!
2) It's got Simon Pegg in it, playing Scottie ("I Just Can't Do It Cap'n")
3) It's got Karl Urban (super yum) playing Dr. McCoy!
4) It's STAR TREK!

For more info on the movie, and the cast check out IMDB

Here's the Christmas 2008 Teaser Trailer. It was first seen before Cloverfield when at the Cinema. I was so excited when I saw it, and then the stupid pretty tween girls laughed and made fun of my friends and I... bitches!

Geek Chic

So, in highschool i used to get some much shit for dress like this!!! I was constandly bullied and taunted and called a freak - "eww... you dress is so ugly!", "yuck, don't you know that you can't wear a dress and a t-shirt" I wanted to go on a murderous rampage. those girls and their so-called "fashion"! AHHHH! Well guess what readers? I ran into one of them today (5 years after leaving them and all memories of them at highschool) and guess what she was wearing??? THAT! (see image above) WHAT THE FUCK!! the same bitch that gave me shit for wearing clothes like that is now wearing them... why? because it's now in fashion!!! AHHH! oooooh it's cool to be a geek now.... but what about us real geeks, the geeks from the beginning. The ones that know line after line of Star Wars, and know what Cylons and Klingons are??? Now instead of being treated like shit for being geeks, we're being treated like shit by the people who bullied us, because we have sold out and are wearing "fashionable" clothing!!! We just can't win!!!!

I guess all I can do is grin and bare it until next season (fashion-wise) then the fashion world and copy some other "underdog" stereotype... Goth (tick), Hippy (tick), Geek (tick)... whats next!

26 September 2008


The last episode of Doctor Who series 4 is on ABC on Sunday night. But I have to work so I'm going to miss it. It isn't a big deal because I have that episode on my iPod (but haven't watched it yet) but I would prefer to watch in on a big screen and in better quality. I may have to get mum to record it, or wait a couple of months until it's released on DVD.

Torchwood Season 2 is released next week. It's $99 but I will probably still buy it. I've already seen them all (on my iPod) but want to watch them in better quality.

Other than my dad (whose in the shed working) I'm the only one at home. Everyone else is at work. But I have today off. which is good, because I'm not in the mood to work!

Anyhoo, going to make cupcakes! =P

25 September 2008

Bucket List

okay, so for people that haven't seen the movie, or have any concept of a bucket list. It's a list that you write with things you want to do before you kick the bucket (die). I was reading a blog, and she had one which has inspired me to write my own. Obviously I'll add to it as I find things I want to do.

bold = started/part completed
  1. go to a HIM concert
  2. get a tattoo
  3. watch over 100 movies in a year
  4. own my own car
  5. lose weight
  6. lose 20 kg
  7. lose 50kg
  8. move out of home
  9. get a full time job
  10. make $1000 a week
  11. see the northern lights
  12. travel overseas
  13. meet someone famous
  14. care more about my appearance
  15. see snow
  16. see snow again =D
  17. go hot air ballooning
  18. fly a plane
  19. fly a plane on my own
  20. leave Western Australia
  21. Visit every state of Australia (3/8)
  22. finish reading Lord Of The Rings trilogy
  23. finish reading Harry Potter series (need to finish Deathly Hallows)
  24. Meet Neil Gaiman
  25. Go to NEW ZEALAND
  26. Meet Karl Urban
  27. Go to a Muse Concert
  28. see all of my top 5 bands live in concert (4/5) (only Muse left to see)
  29. see/meet Tim Burton in person

Rain and Facebook!

I have friends from Perth coming down today, and you can so tell... because it started raining at midnight last night. It always rains when there is someone going down, or you plan something! BAH!

I'm on facebook, well technically I've been on facebook for awhile, but I've actually started figuring out how to use it. Before it was just a place, where I could have a list of my old highschool friends, but now I'm actually using it. Nobody hurt me, but I like "new facebook"! At this current moment, I'm uploading photos of Stanley (my car).

If you have facebook and want to add me, there is a link in the sidebar under "FIND ME HERE" which (if I've coded correctly) will take you there!

24 September 2008


OMG Soundwave 2009 lineup!


Yay! Sneeze. Shun!

Plus, you'll be happy to know, my room is now, relatively clean! =D I need to vacume again. And put some more posters up. But overall it's clean... cleaner than what it was a couple of days ago!

I'm still patiently waiting for my computer. I know it could take awhile. I'm just excited that it's happening! Finally. My current computer is almost 6 years old! =O I'm ashamed of myself! I'm an IT geek and I'm using a 6 year old computer!!!! (Shun!)

Anyhoo, have to go and put petrol in my car and pick my sister up from school!

23 September 2008

Mixtape (Part 1)

I found this awesome blog (Clever Girl Goes Blog) and she posted about her ultimate mixtape, which got me thinking about mine. But how am I suppose to choose 13 songs, out of all the songs that I listen too and love? How?

If I was only allowed to listen to the same 13 songs for the rest of my life what would they be? The problem is, I couldn't. I have over 6000 songs on my computer and I'm still wanting new music to listen too.

I could choose 13 artists, even 13 albums, but not 13 songs. So stay tuned, as I'm going to have a major think about this Mixtape and post it later!

22 September 2008

Wanted: Magic Cleaning Spell!

attempting to clean room (attempting being the key word) it's going semi-well, but i keep getting distracted by Family Guy in the Lounge Room, the internet, or chasing my cat around the backyard. I managed to get the vacume cleaner in to my room, so thats a good start, the fact that the room is not ready to be vacumed is another question.

Nigel is going to order the parts for my computer tomorrow, so it will still be a couple of days until I get my computer, I don't know how fast the shipping is, but I'm looking at early next week... hopefully, but we all know how things seem to drag on and on... ie the getting of STANLEY, anyone?

This Weeks Wallpaper

The Bunny Love You... found it on deviantart!

click image to see it larger

Random Rove Youtube Clips

Chas (The Chasers) pashing Rove

Rove interviewing Kevin Clash (the man under ELMO)

21 September 2008

Fastness. Quietness. Excitedness.

Work was rather boring and un-exciting, the only exciting thing that happened was that Bianca brought back my Doctor Who DVDs that I lent to her, so now my Doctor Who/Torchwood Collection is complete, well as complete as it can be at this current time! Also the cops were parked in the car park and pulling people over (one customer got a $500 on the spot fine, for not wearing a seatbelt... the moral? always wear your seatbelt)

I'm currently backing up all my documents etc, ready for the new computer! I'm very excited, about it's fastness, and quietness! =D

Anyhoo, just watched the second last episode of Doctor Who Season 4. I can't wait until the next one. I can either watch it on my iPod or wait until next sunday and watch it on TV. I love it because it has The Doctor, Captain Jack & Ianto in it! Plus others, but those 3 are really the only ones that matter.

- Maybe getting my new computer (OMG YAY!)
- St Trinians is out on DVD!
- Kevin Rudd, PM on Rove tonight! Isn't it weird out of all the celebrities Rove has on his show, I'm most excited about the Prime Minister!

- I have to take my sisters PSP into EBgames to see if the warrenty will cover the crack in the screen that makes it unplayable =(

20 September 2008

Funny Youtube Video

Funny YouTube Videos... Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh/The IT Crowd) & Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) montage taken from Big Fat Quiz Xmas 2006.

very excited. must clean room. yay.

I just went in to work and gave Nigel $860 of my hard earned cash... YAY! I'm getting a new computer! FINALLY! I'm very excited! but now I have to clean and make room for it, because it's going to be hard to set up with all this shit cluttered around me. Anyhoo... very excited. must clean room. yay.

Lookie @ What I Found

Look at what I found while exploring ETSY.com
Doctor Who/Torchwood Chibi Felt Dolls! I loves them!

Doctor Who (David Tennant) felt doll

Captain Jack, Doctor Who (Tom Baker), Doctor Who (David Tennant)

I loves them and wants them! =D

19 September 2008

I Hate Technology + other ramblings!

I've started writing a fanfic... It's a Dudeson slash featuring Jukka & Jarno, it's very short, and not very descriptive, that why you're not going to see it for awhile.

Downloaded a Album for Dad last night and he loves it! I think I could ask him for $1000 and he'd give it to me, that's how happy he is. It's an album he has a cassette, called "All This And World War 2" it's a album full of beatles songs, covered by other singers, like Elton John, Leo Sayer etc. It's not available on CD, but someone had ripped it from a Record.

In other news, I'm listening to Busted! do you remember them?

HAHA! Trying to get my stupid scanner to work, so I can scan some images for gal8028 but it won't be nice to me *sobs* and now blogger is being a bitch and won't let me post anything! AHHHHH! I hate technology! BAH!

Anyway, because i hate all things technological (is that even a word?) I'm going now, to clean my room and get it all ready for when my new computer arrives...

17 September 2008

Have I Mentioned My Unconcious Minds Obsession

WARNING: Spoilers for STARGATE:ATLANTIS (not sure which season), STARGATE SG1 (not sure which season) & TORCHWOOD Season 2 (you have been warned!)

randomly searching through LJ for icons (i have a thing where I find icons and take them without leaving comments... naughty me!) and I came across some bases for a english tv show called "Big Fat Quiz" (or something like that) and they had Noel Fielding in them (who I love! The Mighty Boosh Rules) but there was this other guy in them called Russell Brand. I didn't recognise the name, but his face looked so familiar! He's in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" hahaha! Him and Noel look really good together, and I was reading that apparently they have a "tv thing" in development about goth detectives or something (correct me if I'm wrong)

You know, I was thinking... I miss short cropped blonde hair Gerard. Do you know how weird that is? when I first say it, i was like "woah! dude dye it black!" but know I miss it! There was something about it! I don't know what it was... (PS - Please No Hate Mail! HAHA)

I'm also angry that Rodney (in Stargate: Atlantis) has/had a girlfriend (sorry if I spoiled S4 for anyone) I'm pretty strange when it comes to Stargate. I haven't seen every episodes, the case is I walk into the living room while mum is watching them and watch a couple of episode then leave, and so on! But I love Rodney & Daniel Jackson... And Carson Beckett =( *sobs* (I don't think I've cried so much in my life... actually I liked I cried more when Daniel Jackson died... and when Owen died in TW)

Have I mentioned my unconcious minds obsession with Kevin Jonas? No... well I keep having dreams with Kevin Jonas in them, and it's really starting to annoy me, I don't even like the JONAS BROTHERS... to tell you the truth... they scare me!

OMG I'm such a geek! OUR TIME NOW by Plain White Ts just came on, and I'm singing it in Simlish (Language that the Sims in Sims 2 speak) How sad is that! Just because that song was remade in Simlish for Sims 2. I'm actually quite surprised everytime I buy a new Sims 2 expansion and look at the songs they have. Scary Kicks Scaring Kids, Chiodos, Flyleaf, The Venronicas... and others. It's slightly random! I added my own songs to Sims 2 so all my sims listen to HIM, The 69 Eyes, Negative etc. HAHA!

I'm excited because there is a music festival called "Soundwave" which is in March, and the 2009 lineup is about to be announced in the next couple weeks, but I already know some of the bands going... Lacuna Coil, Goldfinger, RJA. I'm excited... the rumors are Alkaline Trio and 30 Seconds To Mars are coming, and since Taste Of Chaos isn't coming to Australia anymore, Soundwave is the next best thing. Last time (March 2008) we saw heaps of bands... Madina Lake, MSI (apparently Gerard was backstage, but I didn't see him) Plain White Ts, The Offspring... plus heaps more. So I'm super excited! I've already started planning the trip to Perth to go!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Bye-ee

I Kissed A Boy by Cobra Starship

I Kissed A Boy Lyrics

Yo, check it out. I've got a plan.
Here's my intention. (Haha!)
The frat boys in the club are lame.
Let's start an altercation. (Get familiar!)

It's just what I'm used to.
Just wanna fuck shit up.
But I got my whole damn crew
Come on! What cha gon[na] do!

I kissed a boy, they liked it.
Got all the honeys in the club excited.
I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Homeboy was not about it.

I know it's wrong,
But I don't mind.
I'm gonna start shit tonight.

I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Bitches loved it

Nah, you don't even know my name.
It doesn't matter.
Don't even front; you've got no game.
You're just a sucker.

So what now? I clowned you.
And I'm stealing your girl too!
She wants a secure dude.
And that's just not you!

I kissed a boy, they liked it.
Got all the honeys in the club excited.
I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Homeboy was not about it.

I know it's wrong,
But I don't mind.
I'm gonna start shit tonight.

I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Bitches loved it

Me and my bros, that's how we roll.
You['d] never know how far we'll go.
I'll grab some junk that I don't know,
And plant one right on him.
You're only here for our amusement!

I kissed a boy, they liked it.
Got all the honeys in the club excited.
I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Homeboy was not about it.

I know it's wrong,
But I don't mind.
I'm gonna start shit tonight.

I kissed a boy just to start shit.
Bitches loved it

(The Academy is...'s William Beckett: Welcome to the new administration!)

AM confessions

confession time --- considering buying an orange ipod nano --- attracked to kevin jonas --- going to soundwave next year --- need to go to bed

16 September 2008

Photoshoot from "Make Me A Supermodel"

So i've been sucked in the the world of "Make Me A Supermodel" but look at the amazing photos they have done! My fave is the Mermaid one. Look at the way one of the sailors is touching the others face *girly squee*






I wish there was some sort of magic spell i could use to get rid of this cold, I seriously can't hear probably out of both ears and my nose is runny! I hate it! Plus I have to work tonight!

Anyway I watched Sydney White last night, and it is only the coolest movie EVER! I loved all the "dorks" I don't know which one was my favourite, probably Gurkin (angry) he writes and angry blog =D (he's the one with the "Peoples Punisher" shirt on in the photo) The actor that plays him was Jonathon in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (I love NERDS/DORKS/GEEKS)

I need a new book to read. I read "Two Pearls Of Wisdom" by Alison Goodman (it was awesome) and I've finally finished "The Umbrella Academy: Apolcalypse Suite" but now I don't have anything to read. I should probably finish Harry Potter... but I honestly can't be bothered.

I signed up for a TAFE course in Denmark (the town not the country). It's Cert 3 in Arts Administration. I haven't completely worked out what it actually intails, but I read something about organising Art Exhibitions, making flyers, planning Art Events. So it seems good. It doesn't start until next year, but I'm still pretty excited, because it mean we can go "school" shopping! YAY!

I'm having a slight kerfuffle... I want a new iPod Nano, but don't know what colour...

It's so hard... I think it's between GREEN, PURPLE & YELLOW (yeah I know... but I'm always drawn to the Yellow one) I don't want to get a colour that someone else is getting. Kaitlin is going to get the PURPLE one, so that rules out PURPLE! AHHHHHHH! It's frustrating!

And now - before I leave - an embarrassing YouTube video... may I present a deleted scene from series 2 of Torchwood! (Featuring Ianto & Jack)

15 September 2008

***50 Theme Fashion Challenge***

Joined this Polyvore group called "50 Theme Fashion Challenge" where you have to make a set for each of the themes below! As I finish the set, I'm going to add the link to this post!

1. Introduction
2. Stripes
3. Polka Dots
4. Hot
5. Runway
6. Centered around a hat
7. Underwear
8. Stereotypical
9. Funky
10. Retro
11. Eclectic
12. Futuristic
13. Glittery
14. Diva
15. Abercrombie/Hollister WITHOUT looking preppy
16. Modest
17. Sportswear
18. Ruffles
19. Light
20. Dark
21. Innocent
22. Animal
23. Natural
24. Go Green!
25. Royal
26. Eyes
27. Summer in the Winter
28. Cardigan
29. No Animal Cruelty
30. Military Inspired
31. Plaid
32. Tacky that looks cool
33. Travel
34. Outfit from a different culture than your own
35. Tribal/Native American influence
36. Fun
37. Monochrome
38. Trench coat
39. Mary Jane shoes
40. Sunshine
41. Nail polish
42. Loose yourself
43. Vest
44. Birds
45. Children's outfit
46. Grunge
47. Medieval
48. Orange
49. Killer heels
50. Happy ending

This Weeks Wallpaper!

Super Mario Inspired Wallpaper I found on Deviantart. Need to find the link for it, when I do I will add it!

click here to see it larger

Oh Noes, The Jonas Bros has Infiltrated my Dreams!

I'm sick. And luckily Nigel was nice enough to take back the shift that I was going to do for him tonight! Sorry Nigel! =(

Last night I had to work, and I sneezed and then I couldn't hear out of my right ear and it hurt like hell. I was really worried that I had blown my ear drum, but this morning when I got up i could here again. Also last night I had the weirdest dream. It involved me and Kevin Jonas (the oldest Jonas Brother) and something about something... i don't remember much, except the fact that the Jonas Brother has infiltrated my dreams! OMG I must really be sick. I think it was because last night at work one of my friends came in, and he looks so much like Kevin Jonas (or the other way round), he even wears the same sunnies! It's pretty funny.

In other news, went and watched The Mummy 3 on Saturday night... OMG awesome! And nathan was there, he's working at flectchers now, and has an iPhone. but OMG the mummy 3 was awesome, really good, and there are Yetis in it and they're cute! (i was looking for pics, but there is no good ones) but they have big blue eyes, and cat noses. I love them! and I want one for my birthday!

Took PC (my cat) to the vet today, because he has scabs and sores on his back, from fleas. and the vet gave him some injections. Then dad decided to leave the cat basket (that we borrowed from the vet) at the vets, so I had to hold PC on the way home. Poor PC was so scared about being out in the big wide world. But as soon as we got home he was fine! And he's a lot happier now. Anyhoo... thats it for today I think! Tonight I'm watching SYDNEY WHITE! I'm extremely excited! I've been waiting for this movie for ages!!!!

How I Felt At Highschool!

"You know those cute geeky/metal-y guys (or girls) you didn't want to admit you were attracted to in highschool? The ones who read a lot of Terry Pratchet and collected action figures and may or may not have watched vampire porn and you just wanted to see if maybe you could make them crack a smile?"

I found this set on polyvore... it's pretty cool! I copied the caption from underneath it, because it pretty much explains how I felt at highschool.

12 September 2008

ooh, piece 'a candy... ooh, piece 'a candy...

found a little bottle of clinque happy. it smells yum! and now i feel - surprisingly - happy! upbeat is probably the word.

ooh, piece 'a candy... ooh, piece 'a candy... ooh, piece 'a candy...

I have mutated unicorn stickers... they're mutated because they have wings... and unicorns don't have wings =D

listening to Sleepwalking Past Hope, It's my alarm tone on my phone so I wake up the the beautiful piano solo at the beginning... i usually hit the SNOOZE button before the guitar starts! =D

ooh, piece 'a candy... ooh, piece 'a candy... ooh, piece 'a candy...

i love ville valo, i've been in the same room as in... it was a extremely large room, but still! OMG I've seen Ville Valo! OMG OMG OMG! *hyperventilate*

Things I love today:

♥ The Converse ads where the people are standing in a line. I found one that has Jimmy from The Gallows in it. Very Cool.

♥ Pixar Short Films - Lifted is one of my faves... and For The Birds! Pixar are geniuses!

♥ The fact I'm feeling amazingly confident today, I've been into 3 different businesses and asked for jobs... 2 of them had the jobs advertised, one was just one that I'd like to work at.

♥ Kaitlin's blood red nail polish, I know it's rimmel, but don't remember the name of the colour... fetish I think!

♥ The fact Wallflower anime is out next week. I'm so excited! YAY!

10 September 2008

Random Geekasm =D

Look... New iPods... look at all the wonderful colours, I guess you can't really call them New, more like the next model up. There has been so much hype about iPhones that I don't think anyone will buy the new Nanos... I will. I don't know what colour I want... Green, Purple, Yellow OMG so pretty!

Anyway thats the extent of my blogging skills this morning. More... maybe later!

09 September 2008


since everyone is in the "letter writing mood" here's mine!


Dear Jenna aka Geek Peep,

I love you! I could never ever hate you, maybe sometimes I may dislike you, but never ever hate you! you'd have to do something pretty awful, like killed a pet (or family member) or steal my boyfriend (not that I have one) but I know you'd never do that, so you're pretty safe!
I don't want you to be afraid to talk to me about stuff. And I don't want you to ever think that I would hate you forever! You're my geek peep (cos kt is not at all geek) we can get excited over things that kt doesn't care about... like sims! =D


ps. i don't think it's a competition. it's a compliment =P


Dear Zoe aka Polyvore Peep,

you retard! But I love you! You're annoying and smell funny but I love you to pieces... You're my polyvore peep. I think I would of gone crazy without you. Plus I can steal your clothes (BTW, did you steal your Used shirt back? if you did I want it back!! =D)



Dear Kaitlin,

Sometimes I dislike you too, but you're a sibling... and it's all siblings rights to dislike other siblings. I know I'm a bum, And i know that upsets you. I try, but fail it be useful... So I guess you're stuck with me like this (until you move out... then I'll probably follow you) because I don't think I can live without you! You are my best friend. I Love you!


ps. remember Stanley is more important than you =P (JJ)


Dah Dah!

08 September 2008


got my geek hoodie today (pictures maybe coming soon) but other than that, that was it for the day (or the afternoon, since i sleeped thru the morning)

I've stopped eating takeaway food that is bad for me (so in other words I'm only eating food from subway) and i've started eating healthy. I'm very proud of myself for doing so well. I have an occasional slip up (like eating a whole packet of biscuits) but I believe i'm doing well... lets just say i'm eating less than I did before. All because I've decided that I can't be like this anymore, and I've been thinking about how I would be if I was skinner and healthy. Next step... EXERCISING! which is a little harder to do. I've also given up on money. NO MORE EXCESSIVE SPENDING! I'm avoiding situation that promote me to spend (like going into town and ebay and internet sites) I'm also considering (i'm extremely sorry about this) not going to Perth for awhile. I feel bad because I promised someone I would go, but I think I'm not in the right state of mind and situation to travel to perth (and the fact that taking Stanley to perth scares the shit out of me)

I have a $2000 maxed credit card to pay,$21,500 car loan, a new computer to buy, a trip, plus petrol and living expences all on less than $500 a fornight! I'm not confinent enough to go out and find a new job, so it all works back to my self image. Work on that and the rest will come.

I don't like keeping secrets or holding grudges, I don't like that all my emotions get bottled up inside me and there is nothing I can do about it. I use my blog as an outlet to overcome this, but I don't think it works the way it used to. Not everything I have to say, can be said in such a public place...

Sorry lost my frame of mind. the link below, kinda expresses what i feel like!


Start Again

do you know what I know
where the light hits the dark
we can brighten the world
with the smallest of sparks

do you see what I see
past the lies and mistakes
we can make or we can break
we've got all that we need

where gonna learn sometimes
where gonna fall sometimes
where gonna get burnt sometimes

but we can always start again
yeah we can always start again...

do you hear what I hear
there's a truth in our hearts
and we can push it away
or we can follow it's path

do you feel what I feel
something real has begun
there's a change in our eyes
and a mood in the air

where gonna learn sometimes
where gonna fall sometimes
where gonna get burnt sometimes

but we can always start again
yeah we can always start again...

more mobile midnight ramblings

so not sleeping. Like usual. Watching completely random movies. Wish i could draw. Want to play spore! So completely bored. So should sleep. So excited to be part of crime fighting team the loser brigade :) probably shouldn't be so retarded. No one reads my blog anymore :( want to play spore. Wait i mentioned that already. I love you LB

07 September 2008


it's celebration time losers! Woohoo! 200!!!

Random image time!


thanks for the recognition! {WARNING: SARCASM ALERT}

anyhoo, had fun with Kaitlin today. We went driving, and listened to loud music! It was AWESOME!

I'm so excited about my new computer, It's going to be super fast, and the graphics are going to be AMAZING! Mum said she will help my buy it!

I also bought YELLOW nail polish! And walked around town with black and white stripe skinny jeans and floral top! HAHA! Not matching rocks! I also bought The Flight Of The Conchords Complete Radio Series On CD. I wanted The Mighty Boosh, but they didn't have any, (should probably try ABC Shop)

hahaha loook at the rankness of the yellow nail polish... I LOVE IT!

I'm going to get a tattoo that says "CTRL+Z" i'm also going to dance around like a retard, and maybe shun some people, and not spend money (so i can get a new computer) and maybe not reply to people on MSN (Stalker) and maybe get new friends, and keeps SOME old one! BLAH BLAH BLAH! And I'm joining the LOSER BRIGADE! it's a very exclusive group! NO ONE else can join!

my loser brigade superpowers are:
♥ geekiness
♥ useless factness
♥ plus more (coming soon)


♥♥♥ song playing right now: HERE (IN YOUR ARMS) by Hellogoodbye! ♥♥♥

06 September 2008

I Feel...

Did my 1-8 shift today, and voted! Doubt the person I voted for will win... didn't really put much thought into it at all.

Feeling slightly... I don't know. I'm happy, because I don't think my life sucks, but upset, because some people close to me do think that their lives suck.

I feel bad for not being able to see Zoe on her 18th birthday. She was at my 21st. I feel so bad... and I'm going to try to see her before she moves East.

I feel like I want to run away, but don't have the money to do so... and i love my family too much. I feel sad that I don't have many good friends that I can go out, but the problem is, if I did I would probably not go out anyway!

I'm sad because I don't have money, but sad because I don't need the money, I want it. I'm prefectly fine with the money I'm earning now. I have a roof over my head, i get fed... I own too much shit! sometimes the fact I own so much depresses me.


random midnight ramblings

watching 21. A random movie about gambling or something. I really want to play spore. But yeah. I can't. Stupid computer! I have to work 1-8 tomorrow and i have to get up early to go vote. Damn compulsisary (spelling) voting :) anyway better get to bed and sleep. I'm so over work. But need work for money, and money for computer :)

05 September 2008

New Computer [UPDATE]

Specs for my new (maybe) computer!

Intel Core 2 duo E7200
P5Q Pro P45 motherboard
9600gt graphics
2gig Ram
500gig hdd
case and psu to match

I don't need a CD/DVD Rom or a Monitor. And Nigel said that my new computer will play the Sims 3 as well! YAY!

It's going to cost me about $860. so in other words, time to talk to the parents!


i'm in the process of backing up all my documents. you see I bought Spore, but I'm affraid that it may make my computer chuck a sad if I install it, so just to be careful I'm backing up! Except, because my document file is almost 30GB it's going to take FOREVER! but I want to play Spore NOW! =(

I'm pretty excited... but scared, because if it doesn't work, it would of been a waste of $120 and if I want to play it (which I do) I will have to upgrade my computer!

UPDATE - It won't work on my computer! =( I'm gutted, I was so excited and then the error messages came a'flowing! =( so now I've asked Nigel (nicely) to see if he can get me a graphics card for my computer!

UPDATE #2 - can't get a graphic card for my computer, time to get a new computer!

My Body Hates Me

I've stopped eating junk food... and pretty much anything unhealthy, but now my body is fighting me. It's saying "Feed Me" but I'm not going to! It has to live on healthy food!

what the fuck people

work was okay. boss came in at 8.30pm to do the pays. other than that, it wasn't very eventful. Now i'm going to watch The IT Crowd series 2... or Penelope... don't really know!

logged into my bank and i was overdrawn $95... yep i know... so I rang them and was like "What the fuck people!" (they took 3 lots of overdrawn fees of $35) but i talked to them, and they said they would give them back... hopefully they will! =D

04 September 2008


so my Torrid order showed up today! I'm very excited. Because the Jonne skinny jeans fit me!! Which means I can order more (when I have money) and I know that they fit me. Now all I need is my awesome geek hoodie! I can't wait!

I'm still upset about Midnight Sun. I hope Stephanie Meyers was bluffing, because Midnight Sun was the only one of her books I was looking forward to reading! I've read Twilight, but never finished the others. I started The Host, but stopped reading after awhile. I get bored pretty quickly with books. it took me 2 years to read Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, and I haven't finished The Deathly Hallows, even though I was one of the first in Albany to get it (we lined up outside in the cold and dark at 5am to get it)

So we might be heading to Perth for the Perth Royal Show. I've only been once and I was like 5 so I don't remember it very well. It should be fun. I'm a bit scared about all the people... there was lots of people at Soundwave, but nothing compared to how many people will be at the Royal Show. Also Kaitlin and I were hopefully going to see Rove's performance (if we can still get tickets) I might try and get them tomorrow when I get paid.

Anyway, gonna go and do some non-computer related activities for once =D

03 September 2008

Midnight Dawn... NO MORE!

OMG! I have just been informed that Midnight Dawn is NO MORE! Why? because some stupid fucking retard leaked it onto the internet and Stephanie Meyers chucked a sad and has refused to finish it! EVER! OMG! it was the only Stephanie Meyers book I was looking forward to reading, and there is no way I'm going to go searching for it online! WHAT ASSHOLES! I don't know how they did it, but because it was most likely an computer document, that means someone hacked into Stephanie Meyers computer and stole it! THEY STOLE IT! If we ever find out who did this... there are going to be millions of very angry upset fangirls & non-fangirls for that matter! Who now want BLOOD!!!

I was so excited to present my new layout! but now I just don't care!! No one is safe! =(


May I present, my new layout! I found it while searching for a layout for another "fictional" blog I'm writing (I'm actually using this layout for that blog too)

As soon as I saw it I knew it was very "me". It's bright, and the girl has converses! YAY! But unfortunatly uploading the template meant that all my widgets (the side bits) are now gone, so I have to make new ones! And there is a random search box at the bottom of the page (which I can't get rid of) But anyway! I hope you like it... I hope it's not too bright for you!