25 September 2008

Bucket List

okay, so for people that haven't seen the movie, or have any concept of a bucket list. It's a list that you write with things you want to do before you kick the bucket (die). I was reading a blog, and she had one which has inspired me to write my own. Obviously I'll add to it as I find things I want to do.

bold = started/part completed
  1. go to a HIM concert
  2. get a tattoo
  3. watch over 100 movies in a year
  4. own my own car
  5. lose weight
  6. lose 20 kg
  7. lose 50kg
  8. move out of home
  9. get a full time job
  10. make $1000 a week
  11. see the northern lights
  12. travel overseas
  13. meet someone famous
  14. care more about my appearance
  15. see snow
  16. see snow again =D
  17. go hot air ballooning
  18. fly a plane
  19. fly a plane on my own
  20. leave Western Australia
  21. Visit every state of Australia (3/8)
  22. finish reading Lord Of The Rings trilogy
  23. finish reading Harry Potter series (need to finish Deathly Hallows)
  24. Meet Neil Gaiman
  25. Go to NEW ZEALAND
  26. Meet Karl Urban
  27. Go to a Muse Concert
  28. see all of my top 5 bands live in concert (4/5) (only Muse left to see)
  29. see/meet Tim Burton in person

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