08 September 2008


got my geek hoodie today (pictures maybe coming soon) but other than that, that was it for the day (or the afternoon, since i sleeped thru the morning)

I've stopped eating takeaway food that is bad for me (so in other words I'm only eating food from subway) and i've started eating healthy. I'm very proud of myself for doing so well. I have an occasional slip up (like eating a whole packet of biscuits) but I believe i'm doing well... lets just say i'm eating less than I did before. All because I've decided that I can't be like this anymore, and I've been thinking about how I would be if I was skinner and healthy. Next step... EXERCISING! which is a little harder to do. I've also given up on money. NO MORE EXCESSIVE SPENDING! I'm avoiding situation that promote me to spend (like going into town and ebay and internet sites) I'm also considering (i'm extremely sorry about this) not going to Perth for awhile. I feel bad because I promised someone I would go, but I think I'm not in the right state of mind and situation to travel to perth (and the fact that taking Stanley to perth scares the shit out of me)

I have a $2000 maxed credit card to pay,$21,500 car loan, a new computer to buy, a trip, plus petrol and living expences all on less than $500 a fornight! I'm not confinent enough to go out and find a new job, so it all works back to my self image. Work on that and the rest will come.

I don't like keeping secrets or holding grudges, I don't like that all my emotions get bottled up inside me and there is nothing I can do about it. I use my blog as an outlet to overcome this, but I don't think it works the way it used to. Not everything I have to say, can be said in such a public place...

Sorry lost my frame of mind. the link below, kinda expresses what i feel like!


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