21 September 2008

Fastness. Quietness. Excitedness.

Work was rather boring and un-exciting, the only exciting thing that happened was that Bianca brought back my Doctor Who DVDs that I lent to her, so now my Doctor Who/Torchwood Collection is complete, well as complete as it can be at this current time! Also the cops were parked in the car park and pulling people over (one customer got a $500 on the spot fine, for not wearing a seatbelt... the moral? always wear your seatbelt)

I'm currently backing up all my documents etc, ready for the new computer! I'm very excited, about it's fastness, and quietness! =D

Anyhoo, just watched the second last episode of Doctor Who Season 4. I can't wait until the next one. I can either watch it on my iPod or wait until next sunday and watch it on TV. I love it because it has The Doctor, Captain Jack & Ianto in it! Plus others, but those 3 are really the only ones that matter.

- Maybe getting my new computer (OMG YAY!)
- St Trinians is out on DVD!
- Kevin Rudd, PM on Rove tonight! Isn't it weird out of all the celebrities Rove has on his show, I'm most excited about the Prime Minister!

- I have to take my sisters PSP into EBgames to see if the warrenty will cover the crack in the screen that makes it unplayable =(

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