27 September 2008

Geek Chic

So, in highschool i used to get some much shit for dress like this!!! I was constandly bullied and taunted and called a freak - "eww... you dress is so ugly!", "yuck, don't you know that you can't wear a dress and a t-shirt" I wanted to go on a murderous rampage. those girls and their so-called "fashion"! AHHHH! Well guess what readers? I ran into one of them today (5 years after leaving them and all memories of them at highschool) and guess what she was wearing??? THAT! (see image above) WHAT THE FUCK!! the same bitch that gave me shit for wearing clothes like that is now wearing them... why? because it's now in fashion!!! AHHH! oooooh it's cool to be a geek now.... but what about us real geeks, the geeks from the beginning. The ones that know line after line of Star Wars, and know what Cylons and Klingons are??? Now instead of being treated like shit for being geeks, we're being treated like shit by the people who bullied us, because we have sold out and are wearing "fashionable" clothing!!! We just can't win!!!!

I guess all I can do is grin and bare it until next season (fashion-wise) then the fashion world and copy some other "underdog" stereotype... Goth (tick), Hippy (tick), Geek (tick)... whats next!

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