28 September 2008

Gimme Spore

I am currently watching (on YouTube) footage of Robin Williams using the Spore Creature Creator at a conference a couple of years ago, and OMG it's so funny! Robin Williams is one of the funniest guys around! This video just makes me realise how much I want to play SPORE. I seriously don't know why I do this to myself. I know I have Spore, and a computer (coming) I could just wait patiently, but NO! I'm buying the Spore Guide and reading it (i finished it for the 6th time last night) and now I'm watching videos about it on YouTube! Why? do I do this to myself!?! =D (I'm still having fun)

Robin Williams Plays Spore

This video is so funny (and slightly rude, but thats Robin Williams for you)

Tomorrow is a public holiday (it's the Queens Birthday, but only for Western Australia, I think the Queens actual birthday is in June... just wait until we get a new monarch... all new public holidays, but I bet WA will leave it at this time, because it's when the Perth Royal Show is on, and the AFL Grand Final (puke!) and us Aussie love our sport, maybe even more than we like drinking... but our fave pastimes are sports with drinking together!!!)

Anyhoo. Should have my new computer on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I know what it's like, so I'm not getting my hopes up!

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