17 September 2008

Have I Mentioned My Unconcious Minds Obsession

WARNING: Spoilers for STARGATE:ATLANTIS (not sure which season), STARGATE SG1 (not sure which season) & TORCHWOOD Season 2 (you have been warned!)

randomly searching through LJ for icons (i have a thing where I find icons and take them without leaving comments... naughty me!) and I came across some bases for a english tv show called "Big Fat Quiz" (or something like that) and they had Noel Fielding in them (who I love! The Mighty Boosh Rules) but there was this other guy in them called Russell Brand. I didn't recognise the name, but his face looked so familiar! He's in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" hahaha! Him and Noel look really good together, and I was reading that apparently they have a "tv thing" in development about goth detectives or something (correct me if I'm wrong)

You know, I was thinking... I miss short cropped blonde hair Gerard. Do you know how weird that is? when I first say it, i was like "woah! dude dye it black!" but know I miss it! There was something about it! I don't know what it was... (PS - Please No Hate Mail! HAHA)

I'm also angry that Rodney (in Stargate: Atlantis) has/had a girlfriend (sorry if I spoiled S4 for anyone) I'm pretty strange when it comes to Stargate. I haven't seen every episodes, the case is I walk into the living room while mum is watching them and watch a couple of episode then leave, and so on! But I love Rodney & Daniel Jackson... And Carson Beckett =( *sobs* (I don't think I've cried so much in my life... actually I liked I cried more when Daniel Jackson died... and when Owen died in TW)

Have I mentioned my unconcious minds obsession with Kevin Jonas? No... well I keep having dreams with Kevin Jonas in them, and it's really starting to annoy me, I don't even like the JONAS BROTHERS... to tell you the truth... they scare me!

OMG I'm such a geek! OUR TIME NOW by Plain White Ts just came on, and I'm singing it in Simlish (Language that the Sims in Sims 2 speak) How sad is that! Just because that song was remade in Simlish for Sims 2. I'm actually quite surprised everytime I buy a new Sims 2 expansion and look at the songs they have. Scary Kicks Scaring Kids, Chiodos, Flyleaf, The Venronicas... and others. It's slightly random! I added my own songs to Sims 2 so all my sims listen to HIM, The 69 Eyes, Negative etc. HAHA!

I'm excited because there is a music festival called "Soundwave" which is in March, and the 2009 lineup is about to be announced in the next couple weeks, but I already know some of the bands going... Lacuna Coil, Goldfinger, RJA. I'm excited... the rumors are Alkaline Trio and 30 Seconds To Mars are coming, and since Taste Of Chaos isn't coming to Australia anymore, Soundwave is the next best thing. Last time (March 2008) we saw heaps of bands... Madina Lake, MSI (apparently Gerard was backstage, but I didn't see him) Plain White Ts, The Offspring... plus heaps more. So I'm super excited! I've already started planning the trip to Perth to go!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Bye-ee

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