19 September 2008

I Hate Technology + other ramblings!

I've started writing a fanfic... It's a Dudeson slash featuring Jukka & Jarno, it's very short, and not very descriptive, that why you're not going to see it for awhile.

Downloaded a Album for Dad last night and he loves it! I think I could ask him for $1000 and he'd give it to me, that's how happy he is. It's an album he has a cassette, called "All This And World War 2" it's a album full of beatles songs, covered by other singers, like Elton John, Leo Sayer etc. It's not available on CD, but someone had ripped it from a Record.

In other news, I'm listening to Busted! do you remember them?

HAHA! Trying to get my stupid scanner to work, so I can scan some images for gal8028 but it won't be nice to me *sobs* and now blogger is being a bitch and won't let me post anything! AHHHHH! I hate technology! BAH!

Anyway, because i hate all things technological (is that even a word?) I'm going now, to clean my room and get it all ready for when my new computer arrives...