19 September 2008

I Hate Technology + other ramblings!

I've started writing a fanfic... It's a Dudeson slash featuring Jukka & Jarno, it's very short, and not very descriptive, that why you're not going to see it for awhile.

Downloaded a Album for Dad last night and he loves it! I think I could ask him for $1000 and he'd give it to me, that's how happy he is. It's an album he has a cassette, called "All This And World War 2" it's a album full of beatles songs, covered by other singers, like Elton John, Leo Sayer etc. It's not available on CD, but someone had ripped it from a Record.

In other news, I'm listening to Busted! do you remember them?

HAHA! Trying to get my stupid scanner to work, so I can scan some images for gal8028 but it won't be nice to me *sobs* and now blogger is being a bitch and won't let me post anything! AHHHHH! I hate technology! BAH!

Anyway, because i hate all things technological (is that even a word?) I'm going now, to clean my room and get it all ready for when my new computer arrives...

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  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your delightful website while searching for Dudeson's slash fanfiction (specifically Jarno and Jukka fanfiction heheh) and I've finally found one!!! Well....found someone who says they are writing one...I know this is old, but have you posted it somewhere? Or finished it? I'd LOVE to read it! I like all your posts....you actually sound like me :) I love Doctor Who, The Dudesons, and I've been to a HIM concert in Aus AND I want to see the Northern Lights :) hehe. Kinda weak similarities I know, but oh well :)