07 September 2008


thanks for the recognition! {WARNING: SARCASM ALERT}

anyhoo, had fun with Kaitlin today. We went driving, and listened to loud music! It was AWESOME!

I'm so excited about my new computer, It's going to be super fast, and the graphics are going to be AMAZING! Mum said she will help my buy it!

I also bought YELLOW nail polish! And walked around town with black and white stripe skinny jeans and floral top! HAHA! Not matching rocks! I also bought The Flight Of The Conchords Complete Radio Series On CD. I wanted The Mighty Boosh, but they didn't have any, (should probably try ABC Shop)

hahaha loook at the rankness of the yellow nail polish... I LOVE IT!

I'm going to get a tattoo that says "CTRL+Z" i'm also going to dance around like a retard, and maybe shun some people, and not spend money (so i can get a new computer) and maybe not reply to people on MSN (Stalker) and maybe get new friends, and keeps SOME old one! BLAH BLAH BLAH! And I'm joining the LOSER BRIGADE! it's a very exclusive group! NO ONE else can join!

my loser brigade superpowers are:
♥ geekiness
♥ useless factness
♥ plus more (coming soon)


♥♥♥ song playing right now: HERE (IN YOUR ARMS) by Hellogoodbye! ♥♥♥

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