03 September 2008

Midnight Dawn... NO MORE!

OMG! I have just been informed that Midnight Dawn is NO MORE! Why? because some stupid fucking retard leaked it onto the internet and Stephanie Meyers chucked a sad and has refused to finish it! EVER! OMG! it was the only Stephanie Meyers book I was looking forward to reading, and there is no way I'm going to go searching for it online! WHAT ASSHOLES! I don't know how they did it, but because it was most likely an computer document, that means someone hacked into Stephanie Meyers computer and stole it! THEY STOLE IT! If we ever find out who did this... there are going to be millions of very angry upset fangirls & non-fangirls for that matter! Who now want BLOOD!!!

I was so excited to present my new layout! but now I just don't care!! No one is safe! =(

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