15 September 2008

Oh Noes, The Jonas Bros has Infiltrated my Dreams!

I'm sick. And luckily Nigel was nice enough to take back the shift that I was going to do for him tonight! Sorry Nigel! =(

Last night I had to work, and I sneezed and then I couldn't hear out of my right ear and it hurt like hell. I was really worried that I had blown my ear drum, but this morning when I got up i could here again. Also last night I had the weirdest dream. It involved me and Kevin Jonas (the oldest Jonas Brother) and something about something... i don't remember much, except the fact that the Jonas Brother has infiltrated my dreams! OMG I must really be sick. I think it was because last night at work one of my friends came in, and he looks so much like Kevin Jonas (or the other way round), he even wears the same sunnies! It's pretty funny.

In other news, went and watched The Mummy 3 on Saturday night... OMG awesome! And nathan was there, he's working at flectchers now, and has an iPhone. but OMG the mummy 3 was awesome, really good, and there are Yetis in it and they're cute! (i was looking for pics, but there is no good ones) but they have big blue eyes, and cat noses. I love them! and I want one for my birthday!

Took PC (my cat) to the vet today, because he has scabs and sores on his back, from fleas. and the vet gave him some injections. Then dad decided to leave the cat basket (that we borrowed from the vet) at the vets, so I had to hold PC on the way home. Poor PC was so scared about being out in the big wide world. But as soon as we got home he was fine! And he's a lot happier now. Anyhoo... thats it for today I think! Tonight I'm watching SYDNEY WHITE! I'm extremely excited! I've been waiting for this movie for ages!!!!

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