09 September 2008


since everyone is in the "letter writing mood" here's mine!


Dear Jenna aka Geek Peep,

I love you! I could never ever hate you, maybe sometimes I may dislike you, but never ever hate you! you'd have to do something pretty awful, like killed a pet (or family member) or steal my boyfriend (not that I have one) but I know you'd never do that, so you're pretty safe!
I don't want you to be afraid to talk to me about stuff. And I don't want you to ever think that I would hate you forever! You're my geek peep (cos kt is not at all geek) we can get excited over things that kt doesn't care about... like sims! =D


ps. i don't think it's a competition. it's a compliment =P


Dear Zoe aka Polyvore Peep,

you retard! But I love you! You're annoying and smell funny but I love you to pieces... You're my polyvore peep. I think I would of gone crazy without you. Plus I can steal your clothes (BTW, did you steal your Used shirt back? if you did I want it back!! =D)



Dear Kaitlin,

Sometimes I dislike you too, but you're a sibling... and it's all siblings rights to dislike other siblings. I know I'm a bum, And i know that upsets you. I try, but fail it be useful... So I guess you're stuck with me like this (until you move out... then I'll probably follow you) because I don't think I can live without you! You are my best friend. I Love you!


ps. remember Stanley is more important than you =P (JJ)


Dah Dah!

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