05 September 2008


i'm in the process of backing up all my documents. you see I bought Spore, but I'm affraid that it may make my computer chuck a sad if I install it, so just to be careful I'm backing up! Except, because my document file is almost 30GB it's going to take FOREVER! but I want to play Spore NOW! =(

I'm pretty excited... but scared, because if it doesn't work, it would of been a waste of $120 and if I want to play it (which I do) I will have to upgrade my computer!

UPDATE - It won't work on my computer! =( I'm gutted, I was so excited and then the error messages came a'flowing! =( so now I've asked Nigel (nicely) to see if he can get me a graphics card for my computer!

UPDATE #2 - can't get a graphic card for my computer, time to get a new computer!

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