27 September 2008

Star Trek Movie

Okay so it's been postponed again! But thats okay considering Matt Damon is NOT playing Captain Kirk. A little birdy and I had an arguement because he was so completely positive that Matt Damon was Kirk. But the little birdy was WRONG! Chris Pine (Just My Luck) is playing Captain Kirk, he's even got his very own teaser poster...

... and I think it looks HOT!!!

Okay so I'm super excited about this movie, for more than one reason!
1) it's Star Trek!
2) It's got Simon Pegg in it, playing Scottie ("I Just Can't Do It Cap'n")
3) It's got Karl Urban (super yum) playing Dr. McCoy!
4) It's STAR TREK!

For more info on the movie, and the cast check out IMDB

Here's the Christmas 2008 Teaser Trailer. It was first seen before Cloverfield when at the Cinema. I was so excited when I saw it, and then the stupid pretty tween girls laughed and made fun of my friends and I... bitches!

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