04 September 2008


so my Torrid order showed up today! I'm very excited. Because the Jonne skinny jeans fit me!! Which means I can order more (when I have money) and I know that they fit me. Now all I need is my awesome geek hoodie! I can't wait!

I'm still upset about Midnight Sun. I hope Stephanie Meyers was bluffing, because Midnight Sun was the only one of her books I was looking forward to reading! I've read Twilight, but never finished the others. I started The Host, but stopped reading after awhile. I get bored pretty quickly with books. it took me 2 years to read Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, and I haven't finished The Deathly Hallows, even though I was one of the first in Albany to get it (we lined up outside in the cold and dark at 5am to get it)

So we might be heading to Perth for the Perth Royal Show. I've only been once and I was like 5 so I don't remember it very well. It should be fun. I'm a bit scared about all the people... there was lots of people at Soundwave, but nothing compared to how many people will be at the Royal Show. Also Kaitlin and I were hopefully going to see Rove's performance (if we can still get tickets) I might try and get them tomorrow when I get paid.

Anyway, gonna go and do some non-computer related activities for once =D

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