26 September 2008


The last episode of Doctor Who series 4 is on ABC on Sunday night. But I have to work so I'm going to miss it. It isn't a big deal because I have that episode on my iPod (but haven't watched it yet) but I would prefer to watch in on a big screen and in better quality. I may have to get mum to record it, or wait a couple of months until it's released on DVD.

Torchwood Season 2 is released next week. It's $99 but I will probably still buy it. I've already seen them all (on my iPod) but want to watch them in better quality.

Other than my dad (whose in the shed working) I'm the only one at home. Everyone else is at work. But I have today off. which is good, because I'm not in the mood to work!

Anyhoo, going to make cupcakes! =P

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