31 October 2008

too tired to give title

work was freaking crazy. I'm so glad I'm finally home =) all I want to do is sleep... I don't really know why I'm here... should shower and go to bed... so. very. tired! #(

40 minutes left of 31st October... so Happy Halloween etc. etc. and don't eat too much candy =D

Halloween, Birthdays & Puking in Public!

So today is Halloween, and Frankie Iero's 27th Birthday (happy birthday Frankie). I have to work tonight, and I'm hoping no idiots come in and try the "It's Halloween" shit on me, because I'm truly not in the mood for shit.

Last night I watched a bit of The Dirty Sanchez Movie... my thoughts were "I probably should desensitize myself to it, so I don't end up puking at the actually show. (I still might Ergh!) I'm pretty excited. And I don't have to buy the ticket cos Kaitlin is buying it as my birthday present (SUPA yay! & Thanks KT!) I'm so freaking excited!!!

Anyway, below is the set I made to commemorate my 1000 faves on Polyvore! (it's been faved 4 times so far =D) anyway it's almost 5pm so I have to get ready for work!

OMG 1000 Faves! by princess.geek

30 October 2008

OMG! Look

1001 faves!!! thats a big deal! that means my sets have been faved by people 1000 times! I'm so excited! People truly love my sets! I feel so loved!

Last night I watched The Labyrinth with audio commentary by Brian Froud. He's my favourite artist. He draws faeries and goblins, and The Labyrinth (and The Dark Crystal for that matter) where created from drawings by Brian Froud. It was really interesting. I love The Labyrinth, and a couple of years ago I found Brian Frouds books, and realised he was involved with making The Labyrinth. I was pretty excited!

3 weeks to go

I only have 3 weeks left of being 21. Whats going to happen once i turn 22? because 21 year olds can still use that "I'm only young" excuse, but once you turn 22, you have to grow up... and I don't want too. I want to run away to Neverland (or maybe Treasure Planet... hahahaha) and I never want to grow up... but maybe I do. All i know, is all I can think of is seeing Jarppi.... it's weird, the only one I'm excited about seeing if Jarppi. OMG I freaking love The Dudesons... i told Nigel and he called me a geek and laughed at me for being lame... but I don't care! OMG! and Kaitie bought the tickets today. OMG I might get to see all the dudesons (i say might, because HP might not be there... and Jarno, may not be there too) but hopefully Jarppi & Jukka are there! OMG YAY!

29 October 2008

OMG Yay!

Guess what? The Dudesons are coming to Perth, THE FUCKING DUDESONS! OMG! it's only really just hit me... Jarno, Jarppi, Jukka & HP... in Australia! OMG! in Perth... that like close, and we're so going! OMG yay!

so on the 30th November @ 8pm I'll be at Metro City seeing the Dudesons (and the dirty sanchez) OMG Yay!

I Hate Money... And Banks

I got up happy (this afternoon) and had a shower and sat myself down in front of the computer to check my bank account. I'm freaking over drawn and all my bank accounts!!! ALL OF THEM! because ANZ apparently don't wait until the end of the month to take fees! I may have to ring them!!! Because I don't want them to take taking overdrawn fees out until I get paid on Friday =( I hate money =(

Just rang ANZ and talked to a guy named Pan (i think =D) and he said if I don't use the account the overdrawing fees won't come out... so If I don't touch the account until Friday I'll be fine... not that I've touched my account since last pay day anyway. I've decided I'm going to put $100 a fortnight on my credit card and not use it, so by the time Soundwave comes I should have some money to spend! I'm excited about Soundwave, but affraid that all the good bands will pull out =( I will still go if Billy Talent pulls out, but it will pretty much ruin it :(

Anyhoo have to go... can here Thunder =(

27 October 2008


so, I really hate Daylight Savings. My body clock is seriously fucked, and I'm not sleeping right (not that I was sleeping well beforehand... but now I have an excuse) and it's just weird looking out the window at 8pm and the sun being up. The main problem is, I'll get used to it... and then we'll change back to normal again. GRRR! After this daylight savings the people of WA have to vote to decide whether they want it or not...

Anyway, currently wearing my Muse t-shirt and I'm probably going to watch the special features on the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD I got =D tomorrow I plan on doing nothing! (even thought I usually do that most days I'm not working) if I'm in the right sort of mood I'll clean my room, and then I have to make dinner =D

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I Got...

Went into town with Kaitlin today.
I got:
  • Limited Edition 2 Disc Release of The Nightmare Before Christmas and;
  • A Muse Band Tee. I'm very excited!
Now, I think we're going to Angus and Robertson =D

25 October 2008

Daylight Savings

I don't know if I love it or hate it... it's more, just some random thing I have to do. At midnight tonight I will have to turn the clock forward 1 hour, so it will become 1am. So yeah... people in Western Australia... don't forget!

so i was in the shower (not that you want to know that) and i had a thought... if i was to die between tomorrow (after the clocks are changed) and March (the end of Daylight Savings) i would of lost one hour of my life... I would of been cheated of 1 hour!! OMG it's a conspiracy, the WA government is doing it to take time off people =O HAHA anyway... it was just a random thought!

Polyvore Of The Day

Ville Valo by Timov

Donnie Darko

As much as a film buff i am (read: NERD) last night I watched a movie, that everyone in the whole world has probably seen, which I have never seen... That movie was Donnie Darko. So, here's the deal... how many times must one watch it to truly understand? or is it not meant to be understood? Sure, it was a good movie, but honestly (please no hate mail) I don't understand what all the hype was about! So Yeah... Donnie Darko. I enjoyed the song at the end. Mad World I think it was called, I thought it was REM but in the credits it said Gary Jules (or something similar)...

23 October 2008

This Weeks Wallpaper - sorry I'm late!

Sorry about it being late, but today I actually have the link to the original so you can steal it too if you like!


I actually quite like this one! and OMG guess what today is???

the 23rd of October... do you know what that means?

exactly 4 weeks to my birthday! YAY!

Mixtape (Part 2)

It began with this.

So... I've been thinking... I know of one song that would be on my ultimate Mixtape (if I only had 13 songs to listen to in my whole life)

Funeral Of Hearts by HIM - ever since I first heard it I loved it... when I saw the music video, I loved it even more... but when I heard it sang live, by Ville Valo himself (only 10 metre... maybe less... away from where I was standing) I knew it was it... My favouritest song in the universe! I don't care if it's not HIM's "Best" song... I LOVES IT! NOW Watch it! (below)

I seriously think this is Ville at perfection! Not saying that any other style is bad... I just think this is it... =D some people probably will not agree, but thats okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion! =D

Uninvited Strangers

Some butthole or buttholes walked through our back door and took my mothers handbag off the kitchen table and ran! While my sister and mum where at home! Mum had ONLY just came home and was in the lounge room (for people who know my house... think about that) The only problem is we didn't actually realise mum's bag was gone until this morning. Mum spend an hour on the phone cancelling her credit card etc. I'm so angry and confused (my iPod was sitting right next to mum's bag... and it's still on the kitchen table)... but do you know what that means... it was kids... and i wouldn't be surprised to find out what sort of kids they were. AHHHH! I mean 5.30pm they just walked into our house, while people where at home... it doesn't make any sense... are they stupid? clearly they're desperate... what if my sister or mum had walked out and saw them... then what? I hope while they were running away they broke their ankles when the jumped off the rock wall and knocked a rock onto the driveway... i hope the fuckers get caught... but if they're underage... nothing is going to happen... I guess we'll have to be more careful... but who locks their door at 5.30 when there are people at home!! It's going to come down, to everyone is going to have to lock themselves in their own house!! AHHHHH!

Just the thought of having uninvited strangers in our house... that have come to steal stuff... I hate it! AHHHHH!

UPDATE 6.03pm
I'm feeling so paranoid... for fuck sake my little sister was in my bedroom, which is off the kitchen. and I can't be at home alone and sit in the lounge room because I think someone is going to come. And mum is really stressed, because she had all her stuff in her bag, her memory stick with her TAFE lessons on them, all the backed up information for dads business accounts. I'm so fucking paranoid and there is nothing I can do about it. I could start locking myself in the house, but why should I have to, it's our fucking house. I just can't get my head around... why they'd take her bag and not my iPod... the cops said they were probably looking for coin, but we would of heard the gate open which means they walked all the way around the house, on the off chance that they'd get something... they must of seen mum come home... which means they were watching the house and knew it was open... had they come earlier and not been able to get in??? AHHH! I need to stop worrying about it or I won't be able to sleep tonight! =(

22 October 2008

DeathSponge NotePants

Dot Points & Ducks =(

My blogging has become slightly lapsed i think. Not much happening in the world of princess geek, well nothing that I can be bothered blogging about. The last couple of days have bee really stormy, looks of Lightning etc. It's finally starting to get cooler again (finally! I hate heat, and not being able to use my computer during storms)

Heres some dot points of what happened this last week.
  • run over a duck in my car (and got very sad that I killed a duck and pretty much cried myself to sleep )= )
  • it's turtle season, so they lowered the speed limit along Golf Links Road from 80 to 50... I wanted to see why, and as I'm driving along the road I had to stop 3 times for turtles crossing the road to lay there eggs (pretty cool, except for the poor one that got runned over, I hope the person that did it feels bad... if not they need to go to hell... I felt bad for killing the duck, and it was either the duck or me!)
  • i forgot to do the wallpaper for this week... thats because it was stormy on monday!
I have to go to work soon, so thats it for today... maybe more posts later...

19 October 2008

Sims Obsession!

Currently downloading HEAPS (and I mean HEAPS) of custom content for The Sims 2, I'm talking clothes, wallpaper, windows, even lots! And I'm having so much fun! I actually signed up to this site and paid ($16 for 2 months) to download this stuff! I'm very very excited! All I want to do is play sims, but I keep finding even more awesome stuff to download! HAHA I'm such a geek!

It's Dealt With

The polyvore thing is over and dealt with. civilly like mature adults. I apologize first for being so brash, then she apologized, and we have put it behind us. Then I checked out my site activity and she have Faved ALL my sets... ALL of them! I was very excited I sent her a message, that she probably won't understand because I was so excited =D. I faved all her sets but she only had 4 =D

I'm happy it's over with and I can go back to playing on Polyvore without having to worry about getting nasty messages! YAY!

18 October 2008

Time To Be Mature

I've decided to be mature (considering I'm 21... not 16) and I've removed everything to do with "that" polyvore thing (please don't ask me about it) all I can say, is maybe I was a little bit too brash about it. I could of dealt with it better, without the immaturity. And if you (you know who you are) are reading this, I'm sorry I didn't deal with it better!

Photo Blog

New Batman Tees from Sanity

My New Computer with awesome cool Batman sticker

My Makeup Shelf, and lots of other junk as well

The bobtail that was in our backyard this morning!

17 October 2008

Random Excitingness! SupaYAY!

I'm so freaking excited.... You wanna know why???

BECAUSE you can buy Doctor Who & Torchwood audiobooks off iTunes now!

And there are Doctor Who & Torchwood Podcasts!

OMG *girly squee*

and guess what else? I don't have to work Sunday Morning (supaYAY!)


Feeling BLAH!

The RasmusThe Rasmus via last.fm

I have to go to work in an hour, but I don't want too. I just feel so BLAH! not even In The Shadows by The Rasmus seems to pull me out of this blah mood. It's a collection of a couple of things. PMS, the weather, the fact my environment (my room) looks like a bombsite, and I feel like i'm just not contributing to society enough... (don't ask... it's just how I feel) I tried to go shopping, but it depressed me even more, I'm not eating, because it makes me depressed and I'm not sleeping because I lay awake worrying about strange things that are out of my control or I can't do anything about because it's midnight. But even with all that, I'm yet to have a breakdown. I cried last night, but that was because the movie I was watching was sad. I'm just hoping the breakdown doesn't come tonight while I'm at work. =D

In other unemotional news, I bought Stanley carseat covers, they're only cheap ones, but they have green and blue stars on them.

... and I haven't heard from "Hater" yet, but to tell you the truth I'm over it. I feel sorry for R!CHB!TCH, and I will continue being her friend, but it's getting annoying deleting and blocking comments on my sets about it. Polyvore is about to be about FUN!!

anyway, going to get ready for work now! Bye-ee
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16 October 2008

Sims 2 Lot - Geek Block Tower

  • 3 Storey House + 5 Story Tower (perfect for looking for stars)
  • 2 small bedrooms
  • 1 Large Bathroom
  • Outside Dining Area
  • 2 Balconys
  • Pond
  • Lush Tropical Gardens
  • Unique Block Design
  • Semi-Furnished
Download Sims2Package

Sims 2 Lot - Coffee On Art

This is my first Packaged Lot.
Made this lot for my cousin when she was playing The Sims 2 on my computer! Hope you like it!
I have all the Expansions and Stuff Packs so I assume that for this to work you will as well!

  • beach lot
  • 3 storeys, with the ground floor with space to use as a business (kitchen, bathroom & staff room)
  • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 as ensuites)
  • swimming pool
  • 2 balconys
  • lust tropical garden

Download Sims2Package

15 October 2008

Billy is a Butthole

I'm awake and out of bed early this morning (well kinda, if you call 10.30am early... I do) and god the world is really noisy. There is construction of a new shopping centre down the road, birds are chripping and dogs are barking, and my mobile keeps ringing, because virgin are sending me messages telling me to pay my phone bill.

Last night I watched 2 movies... one every girl is entitled to watch (no matter how masculine) Sex And The City Movie... I watched it for 2 things... The Vivienne Westwood wedding dress (I want) and Charlotte's gorgeous chinese daughter Lily (I want =D)

The other one was The King Of Kong, a documentry about the world champion of Donkey Kong (the old school arcade game version) It was pretty thrilling (and i'm not being sarcastic) I actually cried, and yelled at the screen! let me say Billy Mitchell is a BUTTHOLE! thinks he's so special... AHHH! I hates him! But Steve is awesome, all he wanted was regonision that he had got the highest score, and then Billy sends in a tape of him getting the highest score (that I think is tampered with) and 10 minutes after Steve gets his highest score Billy beats him! AHHHH! Billy is a Butthole!

Anyway, lifes good! feeling a litte sick, only got 6 shifts in the next fortnight for work (it's okay, but i was hoping for more) Have to open on Sunday, never opened on my own before! I think I'm going to go to the Library (do you know what that is???) and get some books out.

13 October 2008

One Of Those Days

It was defiantly "one of those days" I didn't do any cleaning... the only productive thing I've done all day is make a cake, which is in the oven as I type (it's 9.15pm)

I seriously hate being lazy. But I still am. I had planned to get up earlyish, and clean and redecorate my room... but I got up at 11.45am and then had to take my little sister into town. I'm also slightly annoyed that I'm getting less and less shifts at work. I don't think I've done anything wrong (i hope I haven't) hopefully next roster will be better, or I may have to look for a second job.

I've realized that my blogs aren't very exciting... =( but i hope you like my new layout!


This Weeks Wallpaper

Random Toy Robots... it's very white!!! (click image to see it bigger)


12 October 2008

Residential Drafting

I want to go to tafe to study residential drafting (or house drawing for the silly people) it seems like a good idea, I've always like drawing house designs, and i love designing houses in sims. I remember looking into it while I was in year 12, but was affraid that the classes would be all boys, but since studying IT (and being the only girl in the class) that doesn't bother me anymore. I'm going to go talk to who ever the lecturer is at TAFE and see if it's running next year, and see what I need to get in. I'm actually really excited about doing this course.

In other news... well there isn't much other news. except I want to go on a shopping spree at IKEA, mum brought back the 2009 catalogue and it's HUGE! I'm very excited!

I'm going to try and redecorate my room tomorrow, don't know if I'll suceed!!

Wedding Cake!

Totally want this as my wedding cake

09 October 2008

mobile ramblings

watching forgetting sarah marshall trying to see how fast i can write with my phone. I seriously want one of those mini laptops. Maybe i can get a second hand one :) anyway thats about it :)

07 October 2008


This post (here) by Gala Darling makes me feel happy! Thats all I have to say! =D

Stupid People Encounter

"Why do you have Skate symbols on your car??? You're obviously not a skater!" - random stupid girl

urm... what did you say? SKATE SYMBOLS!!! I have HEARTAGRAMS on my car! HEARTAGRAMS are NOT skate symbols, google it! And what makes you say I'm not a skater (I'm not, by the way!)???!!! maybe you should grow a brain! AHHHH! stupid people!

06 October 2008

This Weeks Wallpaper

I'm very excited, because this week I get to bring you the first Wallpaper for my new computer!!!

Obvious Changes are that my computer is now running Vista instead of XP. And I have a new graphics card so everything is alot clearer... and don't say you don't notice, because you can!! =P

So, this week I've decided to go with a HIM wallpaper. This is one of my fave photos of them. Ville looks sexy, and I love the colours!! I don't remember where I got this photo (either from Jenna, or online somewhere)


Same deal with the others - click to see it larger!!!

02 October 2008

Busy Playing Sims!

Haven't been online recently, because I have a new computer and it makes The Sims 2 run so well, better than I've ever seen it before (so fast and detailed (YAY!)) so I've been playing Sims, as well as Spore, but I got stuck in Spore so I stopped playing it! =D

It's so weird walking into my room and seeing Vista running on my computer screen. I haven't got used to it yet! But still! I LOVE IT! IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!
Peace Out!

01 October 2008


Guess what I did last night? I played Spore... on my new computer! HELL YEAH! It was extremely cool and exciting! I made it all the way through to Civilisation. The Creature stage was the most fun! I'm going to install Sims 2 later on today, after my haircut.

That is Jerna (randomly Generated Name) at Tribal level. He evolved alot since the beginning.

Anyhoo, I'm sure there will be more picture soon. I have to get ready for my haircut!