22 October 2008

Dot Points & Ducks =(

My blogging has become slightly lapsed i think. Not much happening in the world of princess geek, well nothing that I can be bothered blogging about. The last couple of days have bee really stormy, looks of Lightning etc. It's finally starting to get cooler again (finally! I hate heat, and not being able to use my computer during storms)

Heres some dot points of what happened this last week.
  • run over a duck in my car (and got very sad that I killed a duck and pretty much cried myself to sleep )= )
  • it's turtle season, so they lowered the speed limit along Golf Links Road from 80 to 50... I wanted to see why, and as I'm driving along the road I had to stop 3 times for turtles crossing the road to lay there eggs (pretty cool, except for the poor one that got runned over, I hope the person that did it feels bad... if not they need to go to hell... I felt bad for killing the duck, and it was either the duck or me!)
  • i forgot to do the wallpaper for this week... thats because it was stormy on monday!
I have to go to work soon, so thats it for today... maybe more posts later...

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