17 October 2008

Feeling BLAH!

The RasmusThe Rasmus via last.fm

I have to go to work in an hour, but I don't want too. I just feel so BLAH! not even In The Shadows by The Rasmus seems to pull me out of this blah mood. It's a collection of a couple of things. PMS, the weather, the fact my environment (my room) looks like a bombsite, and I feel like i'm just not contributing to society enough... (don't ask... it's just how I feel) I tried to go shopping, but it depressed me even more, I'm not eating, because it makes me depressed and I'm not sleeping because I lay awake worrying about strange things that are out of my control or I can't do anything about because it's midnight. But even with all that, I'm yet to have a breakdown. I cried last night, but that was because the movie I was watching was sad. I'm just hoping the breakdown doesn't come tonight while I'm at work. =D

In other unemotional news, I bought Stanley carseat covers, they're only cheap ones, but they have green and blue stars on them.

... and I haven't heard from "Hater" yet, but to tell you the truth I'm over it. I feel sorry for R!CHB!TCH, and I will continue being her friend, but it's getting annoying deleting and blocking comments on my sets about it. Polyvore is about to be about FUN!!

anyway, going to get ready for work now! Bye-ee
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