31 October 2008

Halloween, Birthdays & Puking in Public!

So today is Halloween, and Frankie Iero's 27th Birthday (happy birthday Frankie). I have to work tonight, and I'm hoping no idiots come in and try the "It's Halloween" shit on me, because I'm truly not in the mood for shit.

Last night I watched a bit of The Dirty Sanchez Movie... my thoughts were "I probably should desensitize myself to it, so I don't end up puking at the actually show. (I still might Ergh!) I'm pretty excited. And I don't have to buy the ticket cos Kaitlin is buying it as my birthday present (SUPA yay! & Thanks KT!) I'm so freaking excited!!!

Anyway, below is the set I made to commemorate my 1000 faves on Polyvore! (it's been faved 4 times so far =D) anyway it's almost 5pm so I have to get ready for work!

OMG 1000 Faves! by princess.geek

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