29 October 2008

I Hate Money... And Banks

I got up happy (this afternoon) and had a shower and sat myself down in front of the computer to check my bank account. I'm freaking over drawn and all my bank accounts!!! ALL OF THEM! because ANZ apparently don't wait until the end of the month to take fees! I may have to ring them!!! Because I don't want them to take taking overdrawn fees out until I get paid on Friday =( I hate money =(

Just rang ANZ and talked to a guy named Pan (i think =D) and he said if I don't use the account the overdrawing fees won't come out... so If I don't touch the account until Friday I'll be fine... not that I've touched my account since last pay day anyway. I've decided I'm going to put $100 a fortnight on my credit card and not use it, so by the time Soundwave comes I should have some money to spend! I'm excited about Soundwave, but affraid that all the good bands will pull out =( I will still go if Billy Talent pulls out, but it will pretty much ruin it :(

Anyhoo have to go... can here Thunder =(

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