23 October 2008

Mixtape (Part 2)

It began with this.

So... I've been thinking... I know of one song that would be on my ultimate Mixtape (if I only had 13 songs to listen to in my whole life)

Funeral Of Hearts by HIM - ever since I first heard it I loved it... when I saw the music video, I loved it even more... but when I heard it sang live, by Ville Valo himself (only 10 metre... maybe less... away from where I was standing) I knew it was it... My favouritest song in the universe! I don't care if it's not HIM's "Best" song... I LOVES IT! NOW Watch it! (below)

I seriously think this is Ville at perfection! Not saying that any other style is bad... I just think this is it... =D some people probably will not agree, but thats okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion! =D

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