23 October 2008

Uninvited Strangers

Some butthole or buttholes walked through our back door and took my mothers handbag off the kitchen table and ran! While my sister and mum where at home! Mum had ONLY just came home and was in the lounge room (for people who know my house... think about that) The only problem is we didn't actually realise mum's bag was gone until this morning. Mum spend an hour on the phone cancelling her credit card etc. I'm so angry and confused (my iPod was sitting right next to mum's bag... and it's still on the kitchen table)... but do you know what that means... it was kids... and i wouldn't be surprised to find out what sort of kids they were. AHHHH! I mean 5.30pm they just walked into our house, while people where at home... it doesn't make any sense... are they stupid? clearly they're desperate... what if my sister or mum had walked out and saw them... then what? I hope while they were running away they broke their ankles when the jumped off the rock wall and knocked a rock onto the driveway... i hope the fuckers get caught... but if they're underage... nothing is going to happen... I guess we'll have to be more careful... but who locks their door at 5.30 when there are people at home!! It's going to come down, to everyone is going to have to lock themselves in their own house!! AHHHHH!

Just the thought of having uninvited strangers in our house... that have come to steal stuff... I hate it! AHHHHH!

UPDATE 6.03pm
I'm feeling so paranoid... for fuck sake my little sister was in my bedroom, which is off the kitchen. and I can't be at home alone and sit in the lounge room because I think someone is going to come. And mum is really stressed, because she had all her stuff in her bag, her memory stick with her TAFE lessons on them, all the backed up information for dads business accounts. I'm so fucking paranoid and there is nothing I can do about it. I could start locking myself in the house, but why should I have to, it's our fucking house. I just can't get my head around... why they'd take her bag and not my iPod... the cops said they were probably looking for coin, but we would of heard the gate open which means they walked all the way around the house, on the off chance that they'd get something... they must of seen mum come home... which means they were watching the house and knew it was open... had they come earlier and not been able to get in??? AHHH! I need to stop worrying about it or I won't be able to sleep tonight! =(

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