25 November 2008

"dressed as batman, complete with mask and cape"

Do you know what I love about working at a Video Store??? Opening the boxes... the boxes that have the copies of the brand new movies, or the promo material for next month. Like today, me and H were opening the December Promo boxes and we came across 3 badges (all the same) that read "I Believe In Harvey Dent" I was so excited. Dark Knight Promo Badges, I was so excited, but knew I couldn't have one, but then H turns to me and asks "Who's Going To Wear These?" and I answered "I Would" and she handed one to me and said "Here You Can Have It!" OMG I was so excited... I proudly displayed it until the end of my shift, and then wore it for about 3 hours after work, while I got dinner =D

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