17 November 2008

Delia & Labret Piercings

do you know who this women is? all i know is her name is Delia and she composed (wrote) the theme tune to DOCTOR WHO! how freaking awesome is that. I mean a women in the 50s that actually worked at BBC (she was the only women there at the time) and actually did something huge! Like super huge... intergalacticly HUGE! YAY!

i wish i was like her. instead of this lazy it nerd that works at a video shop! I want to be remembered for doing something awesome. Doesn't have to be worldwide recognition, just recognition =D

That is how I want my lip pierced. It's called a vertical labret piercing. where the barbel goes thru the lip and doesn't actually show on the other side of the lip. but obviously because it has 2 sides showing, it will be harder to get away with at work, so I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. i wish it would, but I'm a wuss and worried about what would happen at work, and with the parents if I did it. =(

anyway off to bed now. =D