16 November 2008

Feeling Bleh & Supa Dupa Excited!

so... who am I going to blame for this bug that I have. stupid gastro =( it's not fun, and the fact I had to work this morning didn't work very well, but luckily Claire has excellent time and came in just as I really needed to disappear.

So 2 weeks today at about this time probably, we'll be getting ready/standing in line for The Dudesons... well technically it's The Dirty Sanchez. but OMG the dudesons!

And on Thursday it's my birthday, but I'm defiantly more excited about going to Perth, and SHOPPING! I really really really want to get my lip pierced but know that I can't because of work. I don't think my boss would like it much.

Did I tell you about the Marvel tees I got at Kmart. One is black with a collage of most (may all) of the marvel characters and the other is white, with the faces of some of the characters! =D I know I'm a nerd!

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