06 November 2008


i watched Mamma Mia last night, and I only have one thing to say about it... FREAKING AWESOME! hahaha! I'm such a hypocrite... i swore that I'd never watched it... and I did and I loved it!

Other than that... last night I dreamed I was at a concert (didn't know the band) and I was outside backstage and I walked around the corner and there where 2 guys... kissing *squee* hahaha it was Gabe & Billy =D and I figured out why... i was listening to TAI all day yesterday... hahahaha! and the fact I was spammed by a fangirl on polyvore! =D

Thats it for the day. Tomorrow is the Albany Show, but I don't think I'm going to go I'm broke, and I'm going to perth in 3 weeks anyway!

2 weeks to my birthday!

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