24 November 2008

layouts sims food

So, if you haven't noticed yet (you need a new brain if you haven't) I have a new layout... again. I got a little bit annoyed with the other one, because it was small and I had to resize all the images I posted. With this layout I won't need to resize, and I can fit a music player on the sidebar (Yes!)

The only thing that annoys me, if the blog tab, looks different to the others (the alignment is out) and I can't figure out how to fix it (grr!) But I changed everything else I didn't like, actually the layout looked pretty different before I hacked away at it.

So anyway, I've been playing Sims 2 recently, and it's starting to get boring =( I really can't wait until The Sims 3 (now that I have a computer that won't shit itself when I try to play it) I've downloaded heaps of Sims 2 content, but haven't gotten around to installing it, and plus since I installed the last expansion pack (Mansion and Garden Stuff) I haven't been able to see it, even when I allow it. =( Anyway I haven't eaten all day so I'm going to go find something yum to eat!


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