26 November 2008


Because I have absolutely no skill when it comes to saving money, i may be going to perth with less money than I planned, which means the super duper mega list of "Stuff I want" may need to be re thought. =(

I've been having these weird thoughts that I buy something and then a week later I regret buying it, and I KNOW this is going to happen after I go to Perth, because I haven't saved any money for Perth (well I did, but spent it) so instead I'm relying on ONE paycheck, a paycheck that might not even come the day it's suppose to because the boss is away, and there have been instances where our pays have been delayed because of it. Which means this ONE paycheck has to cover, fuel, food, accommodation and spending, instead of it's usual job of paying for bills ie car, phone, credit card etc. And I'm actually starting to fell guilty about it =( GARHHH I hate having money guilt!! GRR!

maybe marshmallow santas will help me feel better!

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