14 November 2008

new layout

how awesome is my new blog layout?? it's bright and cheery and so spicky! with tabs and everything... for those who don't know, tabs are one of the hardest things to code!

the only thing that annoys me, is you can't leave comments so there is a chitchat box! and there aren't any widgets, which means any changes will need to be changed in the HTML code (and there is heaps)

I need to thank jenna for finding the awesome website with all the beautiful blogger layouts on it. There were so many, and I loved so many, but decided on this one! (i may change it one day)

Anyway. so my birthday is within the next week! I'm kinda excited about it, but I know it's not going to be very exciting! I'm more excited about going on a spending spree in Perth, I'm affraid that we'll run out of time! There are so many places I want to go! Empire Toys for Manga, Freak & Geeks for stuff =), Borders for books and Moleskine journals, Quality Comics for comics... obviously! YAY! and I can't wait to see The Dudesons, and The Dirty Sanchez! YAY!

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