05 November 2008


that's Dominic Cooper. I had the weirdest dream about him. he was on my bed watching movies that he was in. the only problem is I'm only ever seen one of his movies (The History Boys) so the movies he was watching were not really his movies. I don't know why my subconscious mind had decided to add this man to my dreams considering I haven't watched The History Boys in about a year. I'm in the process of seeing what other movies he's in!

OMG freaking Mamma Mia... the universe is mocking me! He's in Mamma Mia... and I've promised myself that I would never watch it... but if he's in it I will HAVE to. The universe truly is mocking me =(

He's not even really that good looking either... but there is something about him... and he's English =D

I think this maybe a NEW STALKEE ALERT! =D

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