28 December 2008

And, We're Back!

I'm back!
I can't believe it! I finally have access to my blog again! WooHoo!
I don't know what happened. I just couldn't log in.
But Now I'm back!
YAY! I'm so happy.

I will have to update you on Christmas etc.
but I'll have to do it after work =D

22 December 2008

Lights. Cake. Bad Drivers.

I'll start with the anger... than end on a high note!

I really hate drivers that can't read road signs.
TWICE... in the last 20 minutes I was almost involved in a car accident. TWICE.
One was someone who didn't turn left on a turn left only lane, and almost took me out. I beeped and yelled profanities out the window, the second was driving down a one way road... the wrong way. and he got angry at me!!! Since I'd almost crashed about 5 minutes before that I wasn't putting up with it and yelled at him. "it's a fucking one way street... fucking learn how to read!" and he promptly apologized and reversed down the street!!! GRRRR!

But I'm home... safe now. With photos to show you!

First... we have the very chocolaty very rich BLACK FOREST CAKE.
Then, some Christmas lights.

And finally, some naughty Christmas lights... Rooting Reindeers! (funniest light display EVER!)

21 December 2008

Love. Love. Love.

I have a couple of new loves! Some are simply loves I forgot about but have now rekindled... others are brand new!!!!

Rekindled Love... THE MIGHTY BOOSH! Noel Fielding/Vince Noir in particular. You may remember my obsession with it earlier this year when I found THE MIGHTY BOOSH (I don't know how I went so long without knowing about it!)

BRAND NEW LOVE... it's related to my rekindled love of The Mighty Boosh... Boosh Slash... yeah I know... I love fanfiction! especially slash. I don't know who I have to blame for it... it's just there... wired in my brain!!! MUST. LOVE. SLASH!

Anyway thats pretty much it for tonight!
Photos tomorrow... of my BLACK FORREST CAKE, and Christmas Lights =D

Life, Cake & Christmas

Had an awesome day today.
When KT finally came home @ 3pm we went to look for shells on the beach. The weather is crappy but it was okay.

At this point in time, right now, I'm in the middle of making BLACK FORREST CAKE! Hell Yesh! Can't freaking wait until Christmas. And going to Sarah & Justin and finally (maybe) getting to meet Arun =D I'm slightly pissed that I have to work. but DOUBLE PAY! woohoo!

Animal Crossing for Wii! I'm so excited. I will be able to play with Kawaii-Chan and Harlee-Quinn. I'm so excited! Since I can't play Wii Animal Crossing. I've been playing it on DS. I know have every fruit growing in my town! And thanks to a pre-owned copy of Animal Crossing, I can visit Alex's town and steal her fruit!! HAHA!

Anyway life is good! YAY! More interesting posts coming later tonight! (and pics of Cake!!!!)

19 December 2008

Doctor Who Speculation

Check this out!!!

More speculation on who the new Doctor Who will be.

NOEL FIELDING? It would be cool, but I don't think it's right! It's a bit weird thinking about it. It would be good because I'd get to see Noel more... other than the Mighty Boosh playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in my room! I just don't think it would work.

I read somewhere that Chiwetel Ejiofor has been cast as the New Doctor. I truly think he would be awesome. He's an amazing actor and seems he would fit prefectly into the role. But if he's cast I think some people won't like it. He is English, but he is black, and the doctor has always been played by a white actor. But he's my bet for the role. I really hope it happens!

The Future is... Today... or Tomorrow!

The next mobile phone I'm going to get is a G1. The new Google phone. And first Android phone. There isn't much information around about it yet! But I can't wait to get my hands on it. I feel the same way everyone else felt about the iPhone! HAHA! iPhones... why would you bother?


they're leaving a mark

there is a poster of Tokio Hotel in the new issue of dolly magazine. Lara and her crew are seriously leaving their mark. These girls should get a reward. They have managed to make an almost unknown band popular :)

Here's a link to Lara and Jess Official Tokio Hotel Street Team. If you need to thank them for seeing more Tokio Hotel around leave them a comment!

18 December 2008


I freaking LOVE Genius in iTunes!
You select a song, click the Genius button and it creates a playlist with related/similar songs! It doesn't give you random songs it actually works.
I selected Bittersweet by Apocalyptica and clicked the GENIUS button and this is the playlist it made me:
Bitter Sweet - HIM & The Rasmus & Apocalyptica
Helden - Apocalyptica Feat. Till Lindemann
And Love Said No - HIM
Lovesongs (They Kill Me) - Cinema Bizarre
Perfect Skin - The 69 Eyes
Twenty Years - Placebo
Durch Den Monsum - Tokio Hotel
Guardian Angel - Lovex
Temptation - Cradle Of Filth
Guilty - The Rasmus
The Only One - Evanescence
Our Truth - Lacuna Coil
In Joy And Sorrow HIM
Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time) - Lost Prophets
Burn - Apocalyptica
Spring Nicht - Tokio Hotel
First Day Of My Life - The Rasmus
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams - The 69 Eyes
The Bitter End - Placebo
Muscle Museum (Different Take) - Muse
Escape To The Stars - Cinema Bizarre
Crazy Angel - Kill Hannah
Misunderstood - Robbie Williams
Thoughtless [Live] - Evanescence
Sail Away - The Rasmus
Like seriously how awesome is that. I love most those songs. I don't know how Genius works... but I'm just going to say it's MAGIC

My Moleskine...

When I was in Perth at the end of November. I bought myself a Moleskine 2009 Diary.
Last night I decorated the cover. I didn't start out with the idea of decorating it, it just ended up that way.
I found a copy of my favourite HIM song Cyanide Sun lyrics written in Ville Valo's hand writing, and I printed them out. I traced them onto a piece of tracing paper. I didn't really know why. I just did. Then I had the idea to stick the tracing paper to my diary. and I did, and it looks awesome. I'm so freaking proud of myself. It looks really cool, because I only used crappy glue, and it places you can see where the paper hasn't stuck, but it actually makes it look cooler. The only thing that annoys me is my cutting skills... they suck =D

The Moleskine
My Moleskine

Closeup Detail
Moleskine Detail

I'm so proud. I also noticed (while tracing) how strange Ville's handwriting is. It's messy, but not too messy, and he used capital Rs.

A World All My Own!

I seriously love how small the world is. like people going out with people, and then finding out that his friend is going out with her friend! HA! teeny tiny world!

I truly love my room.
My signed Aiden poster (all 5 members)
Ville & Bert posters
A computer that doesn't sound like it's about the shit bricks!
the tiny details, the coloured nail polish, even though I bite my nails.
the books, fantasy, comedy, non-fiction, manga, smut =D random pop culture books.
and the DVD... oh! the DVDs so many... too many! spread across the floor.
the cat... I'm sure he's here somewhere.
and the mess. because it can't be a room without mess.
Organised Chaos!

17 December 2008

Vampire Hearts

Vampire Heart by princess.geek

I'm actually quite proud of this set. Ville looks so sexy in the photo and I love the outfit.
Lyrics are Vampire Heart by HIM (if you didn't already know)

Just Spent My Last $20

Fall Out Boys new album Folie A Deux...

And it was completely fucking worth it!!! Freaking Awesome CD!!!
Favourite song is Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes and I Don't Care.
There is also a cover of Micheal Jacksons' Beat It with John Mayer, which is really cool.
And it wouldn't be a Fall Out Boy album without a remix by Cobra Starship and songs featuring The Academy Is... and Gym Class Heroes!
I forgot how soothing Patrick Stump's voice is =D

What To Do?

I'm kind of freaking out!
Do you know how close Christmas is?
Christmas always creates problems.

I'm also angry about the postponing of The Dirty Sanchez/Dudeson show in Perth on the 30th November (so much for new dates next week!) I don't want them to turn around and go, "Yeah, so the show is this Friday" I live in Albany... A 4 hour drive from Perth, and what if we're all working! I just don't want to be only given a couple days notice =(

I also don't know whats happening next year.
I'm in the middle of talks with Curtin University (yes I'm finally telling people I'm trying to get into Uni) I've applied to study Accounting double major. But I want to do it from Albany, and I've studied Accounting at TAFE, so I might be able to get some time cut off the course. But I don't know if I'll be able to study it in Albany. I would be okay with travelling to Perth every now and them for lectures and shit, but I just don't feel I'm ready to move out of home, let alone to another (BIGGER!) city.

But after all that... I don't know if I want to study, but I'm having trouble find a stable full time job. Everything (I'm looking for) either needs experience or Uni degree. Or they're sexist and only hire males (Stupid IT industry... sexist bastards, can't hire a girl because they're not as good, and girls can only be receptionists! GRRR!)


Must. Have. This. Bag.

I want this bag ...but it's $US765. =( It's so awesome and pretty and I wants it! But can't justify spending over $1000 for a handbag, well not until I'm at least earning more money!

16 December 2008

Best. Thing. Ever.

Best Threesome EVER! hahaha!

Best Twilight Cast Shoot EVER!


I'm fucking being pested by freaking tweens on Polyvore again! all because I made a set about Robert Pattinson. This one chick (I've deleted all the comments) I can't believe how petty and annoying these people are. She (the evil chick) created that asks people to choose between Robert Patterson and Ryan Sheckler (or whatever his name is... some tiny weeny skater boi!) and gets shitty when people say they like Robert more. But this time I'm not going to let them walk over me. I'm going to be political about it. GRRRR! I fucking hate preppy tweens! GRRRR!

15 December 2008

Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Originally uploaded by jpnuwat
Hopefully next year, around this time, we (as in my family) will be here, in Hong Kong.
Because Alex isn't going to Japan next year for school, we decided it would be great if we went to Hong Kong as a family.
Hong Kong always seemed like a nice place to go. It's friendly, and over hald the population still speak English (considering it was part of the British Empire until 1997)
When I was in Cert 3 of Accounting I did an assessment on Hong Kong (for a reports writing class) and thats when I fell in love with it. I really want to go to Ocean Park to see the Pandas. and just wander around the city. and climb to the top of Victoria Peak and take photos of Hong Kong (like the one shown)
I bought the Lonely Planets Hong Kong guidebook yesterday, but haven't started reading it.
I really hope this trip happens.

kevin jonas...

Mini Mind Freaks!

dude! i'm having mini mind freaks...

while in perth we went to the cinema and we saw a B grade movie called Big Stan. the only good thing about it was the sexy, very cute Hippie. well i just remembered to look up who the actor was... and it's fucking...

Jackson Rathbone

aka Jasper Cullen!

OMG! It so does not look like Jasper! HAHAHA! awesomeness... here's some screen shots from Twilight and Big Stan for you to compare!



and I thought Robbie the hippie was sexy! O. M. G! They're the same person =O... hahaha I guess thats why it's called acting. OMG in big stan, Jackson is naked!! HAHAHA! and he's so white and pale. I can see why he was cast in Twilight!

Beginning of The End!

Feeling inspired today. It's an excellent feeling.
Stop making enemies with people who are prettier/more clever/more successful/cooler than you. Here’s the thing. Those people will always exist. Life is not a competition, just relax. Stop being jealous & start being friends with them! You never know what you might learn — maybe they’ll teach you how to be prettier/more clever/more successful/cooler! Competing with one another just keeps us apart & unhappy. Soak it up! - by Gala Darling (iCiNG)
Been having heaps of fun with my new journal

Check this out

more images of the journal coming soon.
just more images in general.
what can I get Kaitlin for Christmas?

14 December 2008


I picked up my XBOX 360 today. *squee*
But then I wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree. now I can't wait until Christmas and to play XBOX! YAY!

So back to the blogging... well there was nothing really else I wanted to say. apart from have you read the moss/richmond slash yet??? if you haven't i'll send PC to get you! =P

13 December 2008

Must. Read. IT. Crowd. Slash!

Moss/Richmond slash.
The first I've ever read.
The best!
freaking love Moss. and Richmond.
OMG freaking amazing.

can you truly sense how amazing this slash is?
can you feel it?
freaking amazing!

I suppose you'd be wanting it now?
what if I don't want to give it too you?
will you cry?
I think you will.


you'll find it here somewhere!
"I" will give you a clue...
did you get the clue?

12 December 2008

Wreck This Journal

WTJ - It's Finally HERE!

OMG! It's here!! I so didn't expect it today! I wasn't expecting it until after Christmas, because seriously thats how slow Australia Post is most the time. But maybe because it's Christmas time, they're faster... who knows! either way it's finally here, and I can't wait to start wrecking it.

I'm a little scared, because, well it's a book, and to me books are one of the most sacred things ever, you're not suppose to destroy them. I remember when water was spilt on one of my Harry Potter books I go so upset. so how an I suppose to intentionally destroy a book? AHHHH! But I'm so freaking excited. Expect more photos soon.

WTJ - The Book Belongs To...

So I've done the first thing... It was a little scary. but I feel a little bit more relaxed about the who thing now.... now for some real wrecking =D

11 December 2008

I Love Mail

My Pocket Moleskine journal showed up in the mail today. I'm pretty excited about it, because I also bought a new wallet (it's actually a travel document wallet) but it fits my new moleskine in it =D
I love mail, and buying stuff... really should stop =D

10 December 2008


Seems like the best time for Muse Lyrics.
Follow through
Make your dreams come true
Don't give up the fight
You will be alright
Cause there's no one like you in the universe

Don't be afraid
What your mind consumes
You should make a stand
Stand up for what you believe
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible

During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Lets use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible

Do it on your own
It makes no difference to me
What you leave behind
What you choose to be
And whatever they say
Your souls unbreakable

During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Let use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible

Together we're invincible

During the struggle
They will pull us down
Please, please
Let use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible

Together we're invincible

I'm about to start re-installing The Sims 2 onto my computer. It's going to take awhile =(

If I ever disappear... Here's A Clue!

One Day... by princess.geek

laying in bed. Contemplating sleep

i'm watching the new futurama movie. Its good. I love fry :) i really should be sleeping. I don't have to get up tomorrow. The book i'm reading is awesome. I can't wait until my mail from fishpond soon. And i'm going to do another order when i get paid. All i want to do is read and draw. I'm thinking of doing an art class with kaitlin next year :) anyway. Bed time :)

09 December 2008

Things I Hate Today

only one thing. People who don't know how to drive. Like the old people in the white car that drove down the middle of york street in front of me, then corrected themself, then cut me off changing lanes, and the asian (so being slightly racist) who cut me off on the roundabout, and then as I'm driving behind them down the street kept putting there foot on the brake (i don't think it was on purpose I think they were just crap drivers)

that is all =D

Things I Love Today

FREEBIES FROM WORK - First an awesome cool Dark Knight badge, now an even awesomer Dark Knight t-shirt! YAY!
FLICKR - I love looking at peoples photos and leaving comments and notes.
WRECK THIS JOURNAL - haven't got it yet, but I still love it! Can't wait to get it.
COLOURED TEXTAS - Ones made for small children, with thick tips and bright colours!
THE KILLERS NEW ALBUM - Day & Age... awesomeness is the only way to describe.
SHERBIES - gotta love chewy lollies filled with wizz fizz!

CAMP ROCK review

Todays been good, well the last hour I've been awake anyway.

Found out my "Wreck This Journal" has been shipped, so hopefully it should show up relativly soon, but it is Christmas, so the post may be slower than the already snail like slowness it is to begin with =(

watch CAMP ROCK last night, and only have one word for it... AWESOME! No seriously I was actually a good movie, apart from the singing (but who doesn't like music) and the Jonas Brothers (even though Kevin's character was the funniest thing I've seen in ages) but you can always just forget that they are the Jonas Brothers. It's the same story line you see in most disney movies.

girl hates self, goes to camp, lies to pretend to be someone she's not, becomes "popular", falls in love with guy (enter Joe Jonas), "popular" girl finds out about lies, tells everyone, guy doesn't like girl anymore, girl gets sad, decides to be herself, wins guy back, "popular" girl is sad (doesn't get affection from mum) and says sorry, girl and "popular" girl become best friends =D

But seriously, Kevin Jonas (even though he has a whole 10 minute screen time) has got to be the best thing about that film (even though I am slightly biased =D) he plays the stupid, air-heady one. So funny!

08 December 2008

Camp Rock

Guess what this little geek is watching tonight???


YAY! HAHAHA! It's going to be the funniest, most embarrassing movie ever! But I still can't wait to watch it!

Ran into Owen at the video store as I was renting it. and his reaction was... "CAMP ROCK! Camp. Rock. Camp Rock! You really are weird!"

and my reply was "Thank You for noticing"

HAHA! Bring on the Jonas Brothers! To help me get over my searing (sp?) hate of parents (not mine, young childrens parents =D)

Life without Stupid People

I could run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I could care what everyone else was thinking and feeling. but it seems like such hard work. i can't believe how anti-social i am, and how stupid so many people in the world are. who in their right mind lets their son climb a honey display, while they're standing there watching (not saying anything) then when the child falls to the ground - hitting his mothers trolley and taking the honey display with him - gets angry at the supermarket for having unsafe displays??? YOU FUCKING STOOD THERE AND WATCHING YOUR FUCKING CHILD CLIMB TO THE TOP AND YOU DIDN'T SAY A FUCKING THING TO HIM. IF YOU WHERE A GOOD MOTHER YOU WOULD OF TOLD HIM TO GET DOWN.... LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD DO... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU????

Sorry about that! I feel for everyone that works at the supermarket, especially the clerk who was left to clean up the honey, glass and blood... yes children's blood, before another stupid fucker comes alone and slips over. =(

I really hope no new readers are tuning in today and reading this as there first. First impressions are deceitful. I'm usually such a nice loving geek. I love children, i just had their parents.... but not all parents, just stupid ones =(

If i was to run away, would you notice me gone? I think you would. =D, you'd come with me if I ran away, because I can't live without you. and I'm slightly sad that you spend more time away from me, but I accept it, because who wants to be stuck to the same person all there lives. And one day I might leave you for someone else, and i don't want you to be sad when that happens, because I will always love you, even when i hate you!

Love is a funny thing, so is anger, and space... what is space? not space space, but sparkly sky space. I would love to go to the moon and look back at this place, this wonderful, yet stupid planet we call home.

Been listening to pop ballads all day. One in particular. Rule The World by Take That. I think it's an amazing song, but I think others would not think that. But there is nothing wrong with pop music, and the music we used to listen to as kids, fine, we don't listen to it as often as we did, but there's not need to delete it off hard drive and break the cds in half. It's all music in the end. Breaking CDs is like burning books!

Enough from me today! Sorry about the rambling!

Flickr Obsession!

I deleted some photos from my Flickr photostream, then realised som of them are linked to the blog in earlier posts. So if you're ever reading any of the early posts and there are photos missing... sorry that was me =D

I've become addicted to Flickr.

Check out my photstream here

I like leaving comments and notes on peoples photos. and I like that you can add notes to your photos to explain the different elements!

07 December 2008

layout hell =(

in an attempt to make my cool blog layout even cooler, I kinda fucked it up =( I haven't completely fucked it up, just the sidebar... I'm now attempting to fix it, so if you're reading this and the sidebar doesn't looked fucked, then I must of fixed it! GO ME! If it does look fucked, I'm still trying =D

If the layout looks completely different, that means I must of found a even cooler layout than the one I had =D

06 December 2008

Soundwave Timetable

It seems that Alesana aren't on the Perth timetable... =( and by the looks of it, the earliest band I want to see it at 4pm (Hellogoodbye) I don't know what you guys think, but that will be good, because we might make it to the darkness without dying of heat stroke! =D

I'm A Smartie... Well Kinda

Originally uploaded by The merry monk
Feeling slightly bored. I have to go to work in one hour. Probably should organise some lunch.
I found a site where I can by Moleskine journals cheap. =D The only problem... my complete and utter lack of funds =( boohoo!

I've just found out... apparently The Dudesons where on Rove in 2006. OMG how awesome is that! The only footage I've found is pretty crappy! OMG I fucking love The Dudesons. I was so upset when their tour was postponed, but the internet is telling me it will be early 2009. I hope. It would be awesome if it was the sunday night of the March long weekend, because we'll already be in Perth for Soundwave!

So I don't know if you have realised yet, but I wrote the first paragraph of this post, then went to work and now I'm finishing it, because the photo layout was making my blog look and act really weird. Work was okay. Not very busy, because of the Albany Christmas Pagent (sp?).

I think I'm going to go watch By Any Means, I love travel shows. And I might doing some colouring =P

05 December 2008

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal
Originally uploaded by Princess Geek
Yesterday while stalking random on Flickr I can't across a couple of photos that involved a book called "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith. I thought it looked interesting so I looked it up. And after reading about 1 line about the book I wanted one. So I logged onto Fishpond.com.au and ordered one (and another Moleskine Journal).
I then decided to search "Wreck This Journal" on Flickr, and I found a group created by the author for people to post photos of their journals and what they are doing with them. It looks so much fun and I can't wait to get mine and start destroying it! =D

I got a $50 voucher to Kmart from Jenna for my birthday. You'll be happy to know that I used it today. I bought a pack of 8 Mini Sharpies (multi-coloured), a pack of Kilometrico pens (Pastel coloured), a 20 pack of Crayola Supertip Marker pens, a green box to store them, and the new Killers CD (which is AWESOME!!!! and has a pretty cover)

04 December 2008

My World

^ My Albany
You could probably figure out where I live with this photo... buy why you'd want to stalk me is another question? WHY? =P

^ My (messy) Room
I'm trying to get it cleaned and organised. But I usually get distracted and end up blogging about how I should be cleaning my room! I tried to clean it yesterday while I didn't have a computer, but then I got the call saying that Bruce was ready, so I didn't end up cleaning.

^ My (semi-organised) Shelf


Things I Love & Things I Hate... today

I got my Computer back... with a new hard drive. I'm very excited, but sad, because it's so empty =(


  • scribbling in a notebook
  • 30 seconds to mars (band) - I wonder when their new album is coming???
  • Twilight movie, watched it last night... it's actually quite good... not excellent, but good. CARLISLE = HOT!
  • Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Joss Weadon has done it again =D
  • Moleskine - They're notebooks & diaries. I have a 2009 diary, but I want them all!
  • Books by Neil Gaiman
  • 1TB External hard drive. It's black and shiny, and looks really cool on my desk, hiding behind Ryuk.
  • Taking random photos with my mobile camera
  • Dark Knight released next week.
  • turning off my computer, because I'm afraid it won't turn on again =(
  • Summer = Heat = Sweat = Ewwie!
  • Lack of my peeps blogs! Come On guys, bring on the blogging!
  • Water Corp turning off our water for the day, hence why I'm awake so early... needed to shower before we had no water.
  • high schoolers and 17 year old P platers. (they show off, and risk theirs and my life!)
  • having to go back to perth again soon.

03 December 2008

I Hate Summer

I just realised it's summer. I hate summer =( it's hot and muggy.

I should be getting Bruce back today, and then I'll do some real blogging.

but until then, you stuck with these short whingy posts!

02 December 2008

Bruce's Brain Transplant

Still Bruce-less. obviously I have access to a computer, even if it's a really slow laptop. I'm hoping that I will have bruce back by tomorrow. I went into town and I bought a 1TB (1000Gb) external hard drive, and a 750GB internal hard drive (which i gave to nigel so he can get my computer working) so when i get my old hard drive replaced, i'll have 2 internal hard drives, 500gb & 750GB and a 1TB external, and a 160GB external. so I will have 2410gb, of storage space. =O

01 December 2008

bruce is dead

so guess what? My hard drive is dead. Completely and utterly dead with no chance of saving any of the data on it :( so i'm feeling very depressed and angry at myself for not backing up my data. Its the first, uno numero IT rule :( i seriously think, when it finally hits me, i'm going to cry :( *sigh*

Bruce Is Sad ='(

my computer shat itself today, so I won't be online much. I think it's the hard drive. but we'll see. bruce (my computer) is currently at Nigels. I'm hoping it's not the hard drive, and just the sata port (IT speak), but when i turned it on, and went into the BIOS it wasn't recognising my hard drive. It's annoying because I was using my computer last night and tured it off as normal.

I hope it's not a virus or something. And I hope I don't lose everything, because I haven't backed anything up =(

so right now I'm sitting at my little sisters (alex) new desk, on the family laptop. I was able to get rid of he, by making her go upstairs to check a song in The Sims =D

Alex has this song playing, The Call by Regina Spektor, it's actually a good song

I really hope Bruce is okay ='(

OMG alex has venus fly traps on her desk. lets see if I can use the webcam to take a pic!

yay! it worked, look at my rank fingernails... ewww! HAHAHAHA!