01 December 2008

Bruce Is Sad ='(

my computer shat itself today, so I won't be online much. I think it's the hard drive. but we'll see. bruce (my computer) is currently at Nigels. I'm hoping it's not the hard drive, and just the sata port (IT speak), but when i turned it on, and went into the BIOS it wasn't recognising my hard drive. It's annoying because I was using my computer last night and tured it off as normal.

I hope it's not a virus or something. And I hope I don't lose everything, because I haven't backed anything up =(

so right now I'm sitting at my little sisters (alex) new desk, on the family laptop. I was able to get rid of he, by making her go upstairs to check a song in The Sims =D

Alex has this song playing, The Call by Regina Spektor, it's actually a good song

I really hope Bruce is okay ='(

OMG alex has venus fly traps on her desk. lets see if I can use the webcam to take a pic!

yay! it worked, look at my rank fingernails... ewww! HAHAHAHA!

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