09 December 2008

CAMP ROCK review

Todays been good, well the last hour I've been awake anyway.

Found out my "Wreck This Journal" has been shipped, so hopefully it should show up relativly soon, but it is Christmas, so the post may be slower than the already snail like slowness it is to begin with =(

watch CAMP ROCK last night, and only have one word for it... AWESOME! No seriously I was actually a good movie, apart from the singing (but who doesn't like music) and the Jonas Brothers (even though Kevin's character was the funniest thing I've seen in ages) but you can always just forget that they are the Jonas Brothers. It's the same story line you see in most disney movies.

girl hates self, goes to camp, lies to pretend to be someone she's not, becomes "popular", falls in love with guy (enter Joe Jonas), "popular" girl finds out about lies, tells everyone, guy doesn't like girl anymore, girl gets sad, decides to be herself, wins guy back, "popular" girl is sad (doesn't get affection from mum) and says sorry, girl and "popular" girl become best friends =D

But seriously, Kevin Jonas (even though he has a whole 10 minute screen time) has got to be the best thing about that film (even though I am slightly biased =D) he plays the stupid, air-heady one. So funny!

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