06 December 2008

I'm A Smartie... Well Kinda

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Feeling slightly bored. I have to go to work in one hour. Probably should organise some lunch.
I found a site where I can by Moleskine journals cheap. =D The only problem... my complete and utter lack of funds =( boohoo!

I've just found out... apparently The Dudesons where on Rove in 2006. OMG how awesome is that! The only footage I've found is pretty crappy! OMG I fucking love The Dudesons. I was so upset when their tour was postponed, but the internet is telling me it will be early 2009. I hope. It would be awesome if it was the sunday night of the March long weekend, because we'll already be in Perth for Soundwave!

So I don't know if you have realised yet, but I wrote the first paragraph of this post, then went to work and now I'm finishing it, because the photo layout was making my blog look and act really weird. Work was okay. Not very busy, because of the Albany Christmas Pagent (sp?).

I think I'm going to go watch By Any Means, I love travel shows. And I might doing some colouring =P

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