21 December 2008

Life, Cake & Christmas

Had an awesome day today.
When KT finally came home @ 3pm we went to look for shells on the beach. The weather is crappy but it was okay.

At this point in time, right now, I'm in the middle of making BLACK FORREST CAKE! Hell Yesh! Can't freaking wait until Christmas. And going to Sarah & Justin and finally (maybe) getting to meet Arun =D I'm slightly pissed that I have to work. but DOUBLE PAY! woohoo!

Animal Crossing for Wii! I'm so excited. I will be able to play with Kawaii-Chan and Harlee-Quinn. I'm so excited! Since I can't play Wii Animal Crossing. I've been playing it on DS. I know have every fruit growing in my town! And thanks to a pre-owned copy of Animal Crossing, I can visit Alex's town and steal her fruit!! HAHA!

Anyway life is good! YAY! More interesting posts coming later tonight! (and pics of Cake!!!!)

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