08 December 2008

Life without Stupid People

I could run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I could care what everyone else was thinking and feeling. but it seems like such hard work. i can't believe how anti-social i am, and how stupid so many people in the world are. who in their right mind lets their son climb a honey display, while they're standing there watching (not saying anything) then when the child falls to the ground - hitting his mothers trolley and taking the honey display with him - gets angry at the supermarket for having unsafe displays??? YOU FUCKING STOOD THERE AND WATCHING YOUR FUCKING CHILD CLIMB TO THE TOP AND YOU DIDN'T SAY A FUCKING THING TO HIM. IF YOU WHERE A GOOD MOTHER YOU WOULD OF TOLD HIM TO GET DOWN.... LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD DO... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU????

Sorry about that! I feel for everyone that works at the supermarket, especially the clerk who was left to clean up the honey, glass and blood... yes children's blood, before another stupid fucker comes alone and slips over. =(

I really hope no new readers are tuning in today and reading this as there first. First impressions are deceitful. I'm usually such a nice loving geek. I love children, i just had their parents.... but not all parents, just stupid ones =(

If i was to run away, would you notice me gone? I think you would. =D, you'd come with me if I ran away, because I can't live without you. and I'm slightly sad that you spend more time away from me, but I accept it, because who wants to be stuck to the same person all there lives. And one day I might leave you for someone else, and i don't want you to be sad when that happens, because I will always love you, even when i hate you!

Love is a funny thing, so is anger, and space... what is space? not space space, but sparkly sky space. I would love to go to the moon and look back at this place, this wonderful, yet stupid planet we call home.

Been listening to pop ballads all day. One in particular. Rule The World by Take That. I think it's an amazing song, but I think others would not think that. But there is nothing wrong with pop music, and the music we used to listen to as kids, fine, we don't listen to it as often as we did, but there's not need to delete it off hard drive and break the cds in half. It's all music in the end. Breaking CDs is like burning books!

Enough from me today! Sorry about the rambling!

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