22 December 2008

Lights. Cake. Bad Drivers.

I'll start with the anger... than end on a high note!

I really hate drivers that can't read road signs.
TWICE... in the last 20 minutes I was almost involved in a car accident. TWICE.
One was someone who didn't turn left on a turn left only lane, and almost took me out. I beeped and yelled profanities out the window, the second was driving down a one way road... the wrong way. and he got angry at me!!! Since I'd almost crashed about 5 minutes before that I wasn't putting up with it and yelled at him. "it's a fucking one way street... fucking learn how to read!" and he promptly apologized and reversed down the street!!! GRRRR!

But I'm home... safe now. With photos to show you!

First... we have the very chocolaty very rich BLACK FOREST CAKE.
Then, some Christmas lights.

And finally, some naughty Christmas lights... Rooting Reindeers! (funniest light display EVER!)

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