21 December 2008

Love. Love. Love.

I have a couple of new loves! Some are simply loves I forgot about but have now rekindled... others are brand new!!!!

Rekindled Love... THE MIGHTY BOOSH! Noel Fielding/Vince Noir in particular. You may remember my obsession with it earlier this year when I found THE MIGHTY BOOSH (I don't know how I went so long without knowing about it!)

BRAND NEW LOVE... it's related to my rekindled love of The Mighty Boosh... Boosh Slash... yeah I know... I love fanfiction! especially slash. I don't know who I have to blame for it... it's just there... wired in my brain!!! MUST. LOVE. SLASH!

Anyway thats pretty much it for tonight!
Photos tomorrow... of my BLACK FORREST CAKE, and Christmas Lights =D

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