15 December 2008

Mini Mind Freaks!

dude! i'm having mini mind freaks...

while in perth we went to the cinema and we saw a B grade movie called Big Stan. the only good thing about it was the sexy, very cute Hippie. well i just remembered to look up who the actor was... and it's fucking...

Jackson Rathbone

aka Jasper Cullen!

OMG! It so does not look like Jasper! HAHAHA! awesomeness... here's some screen shots from Twilight and Big Stan for you to compare!



and I thought Robbie the hippie was sexy! O. M. G! They're the same person =O... hahaha I guess thats why it's called acting. OMG in big stan, Jackson is naked!! HAHAHA! and he's so white and pale. I can see why he was cast in Twilight!

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