18 December 2008

My Moleskine...

When I was in Perth at the end of November. I bought myself a Moleskine 2009 Diary.
Last night I decorated the cover. I didn't start out with the idea of decorating it, it just ended up that way.
I found a copy of my favourite HIM song Cyanide Sun lyrics written in Ville Valo's hand writing, and I printed them out. I traced them onto a piece of tracing paper. I didn't really know why. I just did. Then I had the idea to stick the tracing paper to my diary. and I did, and it looks awesome. I'm so freaking proud of myself. It looks really cool, because I only used crappy glue, and it places you can see where the paper hasn't stuck, but it actually makes it look cooler. The only thing that annoys me is my cutting skills... they suck =D

The Moleskine
My Moleskine

Closeup Detail
Moleskine Detail

I'm so proud. I also noticed (while tracing) how strange Ville's handwriting is. It's messy, but not too messy, and he used capital Rs.

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