04 December 2008

Things I Love & Things I Hate... today

I got my Computer back... with a new hard drive. I'm very excited, but sad, because it's so empty =(


  • scribbling in a notebook
  • 30 seconds to mars (band) - I wonder when their new album is coming???
  • Twilight movie, watched it last night... it's actually quite good... not excellent, but good. CARLISLE = HOT!
  • Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Joss Weadon has done it again =D
  • Moleskine - They're notebooks & diaries. I have a 2009 diary, but I want them all!
  • Books by Neil Gaiman
  • 1TB External hard drive. It's black and shiny, and looks really cool on my desk, hiding behind Ryuk.
  • Taking random photos with my mobile camera
  • Dark Knight released next week.
  • turning off my computer, because I'm afraid it won't turn on again =(
  • Summer = Heat = Sweat = Ewwie!
  • Lack of my peeps blogs! Come On guys, bring on the blogging!
  • Water Corp turning off our water for the day, hence why I'm awake so early... needed to shower before we had no water.
  • high schoolers and 17 year old P platers. (they show off, and risk theirs and my life!)
  • having to go back to perth again soon.

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