17 December 2008

What To Do?

I'm kind of freaking out!
Do you know how close Christmas is?
Christmas always creates problems.

I'm also angry about the postponing of The Dirty Sanchez/Dudeson show in Perth on the 30th November (so much for new dates next week!) I don't want them to turn around and go, "Yeah, so the show is this Friday" I live in Albany... A 4 hour drive from Perth, and what if we're all working! I just don't want to be only given a couple days notice =(

I also don't know whats happening next year.
I'm in the middle of talks with Curtin University (yes I'm finally telling people I'm trying to get into Uni) I've applied to study Accounting double major. But I want to do it from Albany, and I've studied Accounting at TAFE, so I might be able to get some time cut off the course. But I don't know if I'll be able to study it in Albany. I would be okay with travelling to Perth every now and them for lectures and shit, but I just don't feel I'm ready to move out of home, let alone to another (BIGGER!) city.

But after all that... I don't know if I want to study, but I'm having trouble find a stable full time job. Everything (I'm looking for) either needs experience or Uni degree. Or they're sexist and only hire males (Stupid IT industry... sexist bastards, can't hire a girl because they're not as good, and girls can only be receptionists! GRRR!)


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