12 December 2008

Wreck This Journal

WTJ - It's Finally HERE!

OMG! It's here!! I so didn't expect it today! I wasn't expecting it until after Christmas, because seriously thats how slow Australia Post is most the time. But maybe because it's Christmas time, they're faster... who knows! either way it's finally here, and I can't wait to start wrecking it.

I'm a little scared, because, well it's a book, and to me books are one of the most sacred things ever, you're not suppose to destroy them. I remember when water was spilt on one of my Harry Potter books I go so upset. so how an I suppose to intentionally destroy a book? AHHHH! But I'm so freaking excited. Expect more photos soon.

WTJ - The Book Belongs To...

So I've done the first thing... It was a little scary. but I feel a little bit more relaxed about the who thing now.... now for some real wrecking =D

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